Cat mesmerized by optical illusion

Cat mesmerized by optical illusion

Cat playing with paper that has an optical illusion

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20 Responses

  1. Jane Doe says:

    This is crazy – I had no idea they can see in that much detail.

  2. Sean Quinn says:

    my cat does this to any paper. Even a blank sheet. Would be cool to see a cat stare into an optical illusion tho. Just not sure this one did.

  3. FondSteam39 says:

    hi Reddit

  4. Nic nonymous says:

    Reddit stopping in, hi there.

  5. Into Thewild says:

    Thats some good paper btw …

  6. Berta Lovejoy says:

    This cat is obviously female (males can only view their surroundings at 640x480p @ 15 fps because of their downgraded vision). As an amateur biologist, I can confirm that if that cat was a male, it wouldn’t notice the illusion because in the animal kingdom, females are always the superior race.

  7. Julian Esteso says:

    reddit squad! show me ur love!

  8. Janice Bedford says:

    I would have thought they wouldn’t be so fooled. Since they have better vision than humans and a wider spectrum capability for hunting at night. It does say alot that they do perceive the world much in the way we do and can process the information much the same way. But they do go caveman on it. Cat no understand, cat destroy.

  9. Funktastik says:

    Not my proudest fap.

  10. SevenHurts says:

    You can see the laser pointer at 2:07

  11. Robert Pirlot says:

    I’m thinking it would be funnier to give him Catnip and then see what happens.

  12. Derek Davis says:

    I always thought the reddit homies were cooler and more superior than doing the whole
    ” reddit sent me here”
    ” reddit where u at!”
    my entire image of u all has shattered. You all are now right along the 14 year old “Notification Squaaaddd”
    guys now lol

  13. Reece WizBiz says:

    when the cat goes psycho and rips someones face off you’ll know what did it

  14. Eddy H says:

    Please make up your bed…

  15. Melony Linhardt says:

    now this is what should be trending people!

  16. RileyTheDog says:

    Finally, a trending video that isn’t about Syria

  17. Rick Sanchez says:

    That cat’s probably thinking, “What the hell did you put in my food?!”

  18. Pengwynd says:

    Printed it out myself and I can confirm that my cats give no shits.

  19. DragonInferno99 Ω says:

    This reminds me of the book “All Cats Have Aspergers”. ?

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