Catchphrase with Colin Firth, Jack McBrayer and Triumph the Insult Comic Dog

Catchphrase with Colin Firth, Jack McBrayer and Triumph the Insult Comic Dog

Jimmy and Triumph team up against Jack McBrayer and Colin Firth for a hilarious game of Catchphrase.

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Catchphrase with Colin Firth, Jack McBrayer and Triumph the Insult Comic Dog

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19 Responses

  1. intotheoceanbloo says:

    It’s like they put a leash on triumph…Didn’t feel like his funny usual

  2. smokejc says:

    So awkward how you can just see the guy’s head. Doesn’t really work. Plus
    he keeps making jokes, which is frustrating for a competitive guy like

  3. Iwan Leon says:

    Triumph without Conan just feels like Earth without ART. Eh?

  4. Jason Lange says:

    You’re better than this Fallon 

  5. Anner Chisline says:

    Oh man, this segment (and the fake interview segment) were great for us out
    here who actually pay attention to what’s being said and what’s being done
    in them. The online bully comments are read in these social media spots and
    were subtly dealt with through Triumph’s ramblings. Fun.
    It is SO obvious the people at this show care about their fan base and that
    they actually pay attention to what WE say when they are coming up with
    what to entertain us with.
    Thanks for that!

  6. BLOOD1MONEY says:

    This was worst than the seaweed diarrhea I had this morning.

  7. Gian-Luca Gagliardi Grant says:

    Fallon is doing a sensational job on the Tonight Show… To all the people
    leaving negative comments, its okay to not like a show and for many others
    to like it. The world doesn’t revolve around you, I suggest you stop
    watching the show altogether if it makes you so angry, because if comedy
    makes you angry, you definitely have anger problems.

  8. Santiago Perez says:

    I love how Jack says Sur

  9. Santiago Perez says:


  10. Bigg.Daddy Sanchez says:

    Have some fun. Colin Firth and Jack McBrayer vs Jimmy Fallon and Triumph
    the Insult Comic Dog. 

  11. Elizabeth Trainer says:

    Being around this idiot puppet dog is Sooooo beneath Colin Firth.

  12. FkMasterHair says:

    No way that dog is real

  13. May Toolipa says:

    I play this with my family using Heads Up! It’s just as fun, and the rounds
    seem endless! It’s super fun though, I’m glad we thought of it! I recommend
    it to anyone who wants to try this game out in a way!

  14. sharan srinivas says:

    Colin is just playing for the sake of it.. Triumph gets irritating after a

  15. COMMANDRofAWESUM says:

    Robert Smigel is a genius. 

  16. Michelle Elford says:

    Haha Colin “are we still playing?”

  17. 3r4e says:

    fuck that dog off

  18. Tasha Michelle says:

    This is the most uncomfortable thing I’ve seen all day.

  19. Allyce Pope says:

    Colin Firth is too classy for this game