Catchphrase with Sofia Vergara and James Marsden

Catchphrase with Sofia Vergara and James Marsden

Jimmy and Sofia Vergara join forces against James Marsden and Steve Higgins for a game of Catchphrase.

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Catchphrase with Sofia Vergara and James Marsden

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19 Responses

  1. Minetendo says:

    Who the hell doesn’t know Gangnam style?

  2. Baraa B says:

    Her smile is contagious..

  3. AleahKCH says:

    Jimmy’s showing some extreme emotion here and I find it entertaining.

  4. JomoWhore says:

    “The only Korean rapper in the world! That we know of!” Good save Higgins.

  5. Patrick Moreira says:

    Okay I think I might have pin-pointed the most awkward moment of this clip
    00:56 focuse on Jimmy :D

  6. Jace Face says:

    Sofia is like the worst person to play this game with. When I saw the
    title, I thought “this can’t go well.” LOL

  7. Entezio says:

    there’s a porn star named Esperanza Gomez who looks exactly like her just
    to let you all know.

  8. Emre Karaman says:

    im not saying its a bad thing or critisize her but is she forcing her

  9. Madeline Juarez says:

    I never saw Jimmy that frustrated before hahah

  10. Reflection Ofpower says:

    Sofia Vergara is a beauty but was left short in the brain department.

  11. Gabriel Dezzeo says:

    Es imposible no amarla

  12. Brian Workman (gesslar) says:

    #SofiaVergara needs to be in everything, all the time, everywhere. haha!

  13. CommanderCorner says:

    I’m surprised no one pointed this out yet. Jimmy and Sophia didn’t win. You
    have to pass the device off before the buzzer. 

  14. Aaron Chin says:

    l Gangnum Style!

  15. schloughed says:

    Please, no more Jimmy Fallon. Ever.

  16. Melk Mahn says:

    jimmy fallon is gay

  17. darkphoenix2 says:

    there better be a universe where I get to be with Sofia Vergara just one

  18. unholygh0st says:

    Damn, If that Sophia chick was mute and couldn’t talk, she could be kind of