Celine Dion covers Adele’s “Hello”

Celine Dion covers Adele’s “Hello”

What a surprise!!!! Celine Dion told concertgoers at her NYE show on December 31, 2015 that Adele is her favorite singer. And then she had a very special treat for the audience – she covered “Hello”!!!!! OMG!!!!! Soooo good!!!!! Watch and enjoy!

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20 Responses

  1. tony palmisano says:

    Adele is ADELE☺️☺️

  2. 94nomusicnolife says:

    Wow… some people are very offended here. I like Celine but I gotta admit
    this is not her best. It’s kind of her worst, actually

  3. Joseph Taylor says:


  4. Finsen Lai says:

    This version of Hello sucks.

  5. Vanessa Bryson says:

    She’s singing in HER STYLE. Not Adele’s. Smh.

  6. Frank Salvatierra says:

    This was not bad at all. This is different but I find it pretty good.

  7. Iconoclast 1980 says:

    Celine is one of my favorites but truth be told…the audience experienced
    more flats than Route 66 in this performance. :(

  8. LadyCMitchell13 says:

    She always sounds great…People need to stop hating on this great
    legend..She’s not old at all…..I love her..

  9. Mariah Carey says:

    Celine usually tries to make a song sounds like hers, just like Mariah
    Carey. They won’t use the original key so it’ll sound something different
    and on their styles.

  10. Tina Lisa Kewa says:

    Her voice is Perfect! she’s sweet

  11. My life as a Dancer says:

    um my ears are filled with I don’t know

  12. May Mewborn says:

    Ha Adele should be happy this legend even decided to sing her song

  13. idouhcine mohamed says:

    waw she’s fantastic

  14. Chamblem Schafer says:

    Honestly the original song isn’t that great :/

  15. Natalia Vargas says:

    her dress is stunning

  16. twentydunpilots says:

    am i the only person who doesn’t hate this?

  17. thuy bien Vu says:

    I love it !!!

  18. Bellissimma says:

    I want to hear Mariah sing this sooo bad.

  19. francene sanchez says:

    I like adele’s better

  20. Styles Girl says:

    this is pretty shitty tbh,she changed the words too much and was off key.