Channing Tatum Fangirls Over Simone Biles

Channing Tatum Fangirls Over Simone Biles

Move over, Zac Efron! Channing is also a huge fan of the Olympic champion, and Ellen helped arrange their memorable first meeting.

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20 Responses

  1. AlvaTheAlien says:

    last time I was this early I thought I was straight

  2. heal your soul with good says:

    I know Ellen won’t see this but I’m a huge fan of hers 

  3. Aruzhan Akhylbekova says:

    First it’s Zac Efron, now it’s Channing Tatum. God, I wanna become a
    gymnast haha

  4. According to Shayla says:

    he’s so sexy?❤

  5. Harcrade S says:


  6. raiyana tasnim says:

    I’ll always drool over channing tatum. Thanks Ellen iloveu

  7. Marzana Banu says:

    Omg her Voice is so Cute ❤️?

  8. Ming Li says:

    He is a good guy ☺

  9. Tamia Brown says:

    simone is amazing

  10. Oscar Azgriel says:

    Let’s be honest, Channing tattum is not beautiful at all

  11. Springview2011 says:

    What’s up with Channing Tatum’s puffy face?

  12. Alissa Marie says:

    When her book comes out the day be for ur b day ….:

  13. cuteanime lover says:

    That awkward moment when her guns are bigger the Channings…

  14. Whatever123idnc says:

    And he ended up lookin like Jimmy Kimmel ??

  15. CiCi B says:

    “Okay, Bye!!!!!”

  16. Kristina B says:

    Ahh!! She seems like such a wonderful person. I want to be friends with her

  17. ForeverCalzone e says:

    How can a man ‘fangirl’ over someone? Oh wait, it’s 2016.

  18. Jaeger Brosi says:

    His hair fkin sucks

  19. deztroyer76 says:

    She’s like 3′ 8″.

  20. Tony tony slaughter says:

    Simone Biles is a sexy black girl wish she was on my bwc