Chaos Breaks Out at UFC 202 Press Conference

Chaos Breaks Out at UFC 202 Press Conference

At the UFC 202 press conference, bottles were thrown and much more between Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz on Wednesday.


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19 Responses

  1. Batmunkh Namshir says:

    Throws a bottle pr a mic and it becomes a chaos

  2. Abcde Fghij says:

    This is all scripted…

  3. Rembrandt says:

    McGregor is Classless.

  4. Bebop Miyagi says:

    I want Conner to win

  5. marco polo says:

    Ya conner looking like he fighting a pack of wolves lol

  6. Alikaa _02 says:

    whoever was video taping the first part of the video needs to keep still
    cuz I neva c anyting OK! OK!

  7. Consistently Random says:

    That looked really stupid of Diaz to just get up and run away with his team
    to the seats and start throwing stuff. Diaz was like 3 feet away and then
    he runs off with his cholos. Weird.

  8. Kiripati Taua says:

    McGregor Will Rip Up Nate Diaz

  9. sehnzeleid says:

    Nope, nothing like pro wrestling, not at all…

  10. GordonGekkoo says:

    LOL at all those McTapper cumdrinkers….Remember all his mental warefare
    against Aldo (taking his belt) or hitting the hand of Nate in the
    staredown? Both way over the line….. This Irish midget gets owned in his
    own mental game by Nate and you’re to dumb to even see this…..

  11. Lulo PANT says:

    Diaz punked his ass again ??

  12. Rick Johnson says:

    What do you expect at a douchebag convention?

  13. ShapeShifter says:

    Conor did Joffrey !!

  14. The Notorious Bbj says:

    You do nootin'” lol
    I couldn’t stop laughing how Dana White was telling McGregor to stop. Like
    a angry dad trying to control his misbehaving son at the market lol.

  15. x Riptide x says:

    McGregor is gonna lose again once taken to the mat cause everyone knows
    he’s got no wrestling skills all he can do is standing fights and once he’s
    on his back its over.

  16. Justin Last name says:

    That was a hell of a throw by Conor chucking that water bottle 20 ft above
    everyone’s head… can it get phonier?

  17. teodor peichev says:

    Conor is going to destroy him in the rematch its not even close …

  18. chap 117 says:

    Did u see those skinny ass jeans the Irishman is wearing, cant beat a real
    man with those in your closet.

  19. CloudCityBallers says:

    Several years ago we would have called this classless and despicable. Today
    we call it exciting.