Charlamagne Apologizes To Kwame Brown

Charlamagne Apologizes To Kwame Brown

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41 Responses

  1. Willie D Live says:

    There is nothing weak about apologizing when you’ve wronged someone. ☝🏾

  2. Mediocre Tutorials and Reviews says:

    Called it. This apology was necessary. It never had to go there. Mama’s cooking don’t play

  3. CoolVibes says:

    I can’t stand when someone’s house is not clean,but they go around exposing everyone else’s! That’s not cool!

  4. LOVE ONE says:

    Since Charla passed the ball. Who’s gonna catch the ball while Charla walks away like he never instigated it in the first place #TRICKNOLOGY

  5. Fee Posey says:

    You can’t go back and forth with the truth… or Mama’s cooking.

  6. VU X LE says:

    This book is titled, “WHEN A R*PIST APOLOGIZES”.

  7. sdalumuzi ndlovu says:

    He is apologising because he want that ‘ rap ‘ sstory die down.

  8. Crypto Donations says:

    Cease and Desist: You’re just apologizing because your dirt has been exposed

    • MzGorgeous Grier says:

      Thee Only Reason^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

    • Josephine Cuevas says:

      You don’t know his motive. His apology should be accepted at face value.

    • Have Issues says:

      @Josephine Cuevas By you! Lol, he’s nasty

    • TangieTown81 says:

      I have no doubt you’re correct….it still takes a man to come forward and finally say the right thing….even if he is a “Delinquency with a minor a** n*****”…….ROTFLMFAO…’s all good.

  9. Diamond Horizon Inc says:

    “It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you’ll do things differently” – Warren Buffet

  10. Brian Cain says:

    “we fight each other with our demons… Meaning black people”… lol, he’s trying to make it a black problem instead of what it actually is: a character flaw of his.

    • Eric Cartman says:

      If a white dude said that about black people it would be justifiably read as a racist statement. Weird how people jump through hoops to prove how anti-racist they are just to end up being obsessed with race

    • Arthur Wall says:

      No it’s all of you

    • Honest Jeff says:

      I said the same at home! We ain’t got nothing to do with his words and what he chose to say about that man! Period!

    • Key Stanley says:

      We’ve ALL said too much before. 🙋🏾‍♀️ I know I have. Stop acting like you never talked about somebody in your neighborhood. This is a human problem. Nice to see him apologize for saying too much.

    • Brian Cain says:

      @Key Stanley I’m sure I have. And have apologized for it. But while apologizing, I never said “we as people over 6 feet tall gotta do better.” There’s no unifying theme among black people that suggest we are vitriolic towards each other.

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