Charli XCX covers Taylor Swift’s Shake It Off in the Live Lounge

Charli XCX covers Taylor Swift’s Shake It Off in the Live Lounge

Charli XCX covers Taylor Swift’s Shake It Off in the Live Lounge for Fearne Cotton and BBC Radio 1

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20 Responses

  1. Fabiola Arellano says:

    the original is better and taylor sing better

  2. Olivia Vargas says:

    Not bad.

  3. GreenAndPurpleRadio says:

    After listening to your first album Charli I really couldn’t care how you
    sing or even if you didn’t. I fell in love with your attitude and style
    instantly and now whenever I hear your name I can’t help but feel extremely
    enthusiastic about whatever it is you are doing. Love the white suit by the
    way. Even if the fluffy shoal was getting all over the place ;D

    But your music is still great and refreshing so I guess that’s a bonus ;D

  4. MushyPoopNugget says:

    Fuck me that was horrible

  5. Ashley Seaton says:

    She made it her very own and I love it! She’s brave for doing it and I
    think she did a great job. It sounds very 80’s girl band ish lol it’s cool 

  6. Valen G. says:

    2:51 WTF!!!

  7. streetbass 786 says:

    what a load of shit, another tune she’s fucked up

  8. Shilpa B says:

    She’s unique and different which is great but I’m not a fan

  9. Sornpabhop Srisanong says:

    Thx Charli, now I can’t stop shaking my head. Hahahaha.

  10. Flashy says:

    definitely not her song jesus

  11. Gabriel Boucher says:

    C’est de la MERDE

  12. SuperAustinwhite says:

    She’s punk so i see why it was sung this way. She really can sing. Her song
    from the hunger games soundtrack was amazing. Her vocals were on point.

  13. Jourriel says:

    amazing she made it her own style punk version :)

  14. Naytone says:

    she’s gotta be high.

  15. Amy Jo says:

    Not only no, but hell no. Kudos to Charli for trying to be original, but
    this was awful.

  16. Cucumber says:

    Everybody calm down and say hi to the cucumber.

  17. Mikayla Anne says:

    This sounds kinda 90’s Nickelodeon esk….not sure why 

  18. MyMusicalMusa says:

    although I didn’t like her version of this song, but people can’t just
    start saying she can’t sing. she CAN sing. True, I didn’t like her version,
    but so what?

  19. Ysabel Deborah says:

    what on earth..

  20. LosGamers MC says:

    las dos cantan bjien