Charlie Crist Draws Laughter After Calling Hillary Clinton Trustworthy

Charlie Crist Draws Laughter After Calling Hillary Clinton Trustworthy

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20 Responses

  1. J Level says:

    when is Christ ever coming out if his big giant gay closet? Everyone

  2. Joe Sixpak says:

    That isn’t just a few people snickering – that’s outright laughter!

    Make America Great Again – TRUMP 2016

  3. Beowoulf69 says:

    If HE was being honest about his beliefs, he is an idiot!

  4. Steve says:

    Made my day. This is got to end someway.

  5. Ken Steiger says:

    You can fool SOME of the people etc etc…

  6. David Curry says:

    No way I could say that without laughing

  7. D Morris says:

    I can just imagine what they have on ol’ Charlie, he oozes slime from every

  8. Duck Speaker says:

    Hillary Clinton is honest…


    ….ly repulsive

  9. HRTVFan2 says:

    Hillary Clinton honest? That’s rich, Charlie. I’d be laughing too if I was
    in the audience.

  10. BiteMyShinyMetal4ss says:

    Steady? Steady like in falling down like a sack of potatoes? Yeah, thats
    how steady she is!

  11. blaster21996 says:

    ha ha ha! My fellow Americans made me proud with that laughter! Go America!
    Go TRUMP!

  12. Rewind That says:

    lol hahahahahahahaha Hillary the liar!

  13. Samuel Iam says:

    Ya’all dun’ made an ass o’ you self der’, Charlie.

    What a fucking fool. A paid tool for the Clinton cabal. Probably afraid of
    being suicided by Hillary if he doesn’t lie his ass off for her

  14. Don't get #rekt says:

    0:20 Look at his face. He starts holding back his own laughter. Doesn’t
    believe his own words. What a fucking joke.

  15. Starteller says:

    Jill Stein 2016

  16. RazorFoxie says:

    ‘Clinton is honest’ BAHAHAHAHH
    Funniest joke of 2016

  17. Jennifer Sweeten says:

    Biggest laugh line of the election.

  18. Danny Wilten says:

    Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on…. shame on you?

  19. Aaron Reichert says:

    Hillary is honest water is dry Up Is Down

  20. bluenite5 says:

    We have lost Charlie Crist. He’s in Hillaryland.