Charlie Puth – Attention [Official Video]

Charlie Puth – Attention [Official Video]

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Written By: Charlie Puth and Jacob Kasher
Produced By: Charlie Puth
Vocal Production: Charlie Puth
Instruments: Korg Triton Studio, Juno 60, Omnisphere, Trillian for the Bass, Rhodes 77, Yamaha DX7, Pro Tools I2, Fender Stratocaster, Martin HD-28 Acoustic
Mixed By: Manny Marroquin & Charlie Puth at Larrabee Sound Studios
Recorded At: Home Studio of Charlie Puth & Tour Bus of Charlie Puth
Mastered By: Dave Kutch at the Mastering Palace

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20 Responses

  1. Ernesto Alonso says:

    Nice video!! I´m thinking of doing a cover of this song, what do you think??

  2. Im Far says:

    watch jungkook sing this in the next vlive

  3. Tahani Smith says:

    Lol his interest even looks like Bella Thorne………

  4. Jackson Wang Wife says:

    Can’t wait to hear kookie’s cover to this? he gon’ get all my attention?❤?

  5. Jabaaz Singh says:

    Who’s here before 500k? Like if u believe in God!!!

  6. Maren N Blejeru says:

    can i get 1 like pls?

  7. Charlie Puth, says:

    My Family is now 5,960,379 Thank you all for subscribing. I have am giving out free gifts  ➽➽➽? ?

  8. Mark Berzel says:

    Who’s under 1M views???

  9. Janesha Rai says:

    for those whoever disliked this video…………………………….

    Welcome to your tape ._.

  10. Badgalnat says:

    Charlie, you might as well email this song directly to Selena.

  11. Harper Zoe says:

    If you are seeing this before 1M I want to let you know that you are the true lover of Charlie Puth!

  12. Terianne Williams says:

    All dislikers just want attention?,’NOT TODAY’ tho this song is ‘DOPE’??

  13. Shahreen Zahid says:

    Why does it feel like this song is about Bella throne?

  14. Ana Park says:

    If Jungkook see this… I WANT HIM TO SING THIS

  15. The Unstoppable says:

    MY DAD SAID IF I REACH 1.4k subs by midnight HE’LL QUIT smoking please help me 🙁 I’m so close

  16. AlwaysAlessandra says:

    just posted a drum cover for this

  17. It's Your Boi Angel says:

    Woah, I’m here b4 1M. last time I was this early an asteroid killed Barney and his dinosaurs.

  18. Ivan Shen says:

    Kool video man keep up the great work

  19. Carl Johnson says:

    723 Dislike must have there phone upside Down

  20. Starbucks Is life says:

    This song helps me through all my problems thx for tht

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