Charlotte Flair is ready for Ronda Rousey’s next move: SmackDown LIVE, Nov. 20, 2018

Charlotte Flair is ready for Ronda Rousey’s next move: SmackDown LIVE, Nov. 20, 2018

After getting fined for her actions at Survivor Series, The Queen says she’ll be ready for her next encounter with Ronda Rousey, but The IIconics soon interrupt her.


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88 Responses

  1. Alex says:

    Vince McMahon: Well if it worked for Becky it’ll work for Charlotte. You people really thought your favorite Becky will be more over than my Queen Charlotte?

  2. A. Jones says:

    The IIconics are just so entertaining. I hope they get more TV time off the back of this, this was actually a great show for them

  3. jogesh ch. sarkar says:

    As much as I love this side of Charlotte, I sincerely hope she doesn’t takes away Becky’s push.

  4. ResidentSleeper22 says:

    So Vince thinks he can give Charlotte Becky’s gimmick and no one will notice? Nah, that isn’t going to fly

  5. Jordan Maessen says:

    Charlotte isn’t a heel. she’s literally doing what Becky is doing. she isn’t a heel either. people need to get this right.

    • Bileam okresi Tamba says:

      yes Thats what i thought

    • Kardero Anderson says:

      +HYPERGOGETA2012 Becky also said to beat her like she was going to

    • Chris Bell says:

      +HYPERGOGETA2012 so please explain to me what “heel” says she did it for her “friends” and “becky”? I’ve never heard a heel say something like that. And btw stone cold beat up refs and gotten dq plenty of times and he was still considered a face

    • HYPERGOGETA2012 says:

      +Kardero Anderson But she let Raw get a clean sweep. Becky said win. If it was Becky, she wouldn’t get herself Disqualified if it means solidifying her legacy and representing Smackdown

    • HYPERGOGETA2012 says:

      +Chris Bell Did you not see how Charlotte attacked her Smackdown sisters by calling them Ronda Rousey? And heels says that stuff all the time. You never heard Rikishi said “I did it for the Rock” when he ran over Stone Cold Steve Austin? Why else do people use that kind of comment like a meme? Charlotte was delusional and did it for herself

  6. JRA Tu Amigo says:

    Which PPV do you guys want to see them fight again.
    Like: Charlotte Flair vs Ronda Rousey at the Royal Rumble
    Comment: Ronda Rousey vs Charlotte Flair at Wrestlemania 35 for the Raw Women’s Champion.

  7. IRL • F1 FANTASY says:

    Can’t wait for Becky’s return man!

  8. Mercy love says:

    Don’t worry ronda is coming for you she gonna kill you

  9. Michael Houston says:

    Charlotte finally tapped into her Daddy’s crazy side!!

  10. Akshay A says:

    Stop cheering Charlotte dummies , look wr the story is heading thy r trying to inject Charlotte into the main event match with Ronda and Becky

  11. Javier 15 says:

    3:07 when your rich you don’t really care

  12. Yariene says:

    So Charlotte is trying to be Becky now? She’s not. Waiting for The Man to be back.

  13. Shubham Mishra says:

    Vince turned Charlotte heel so that she can beat up Becky but am not into Charlotte.
    Charlotte’s heel turn looks so much acted but Becky’s character seems really real.
    So it should be Becky all the way. Only Becky

  14. Caleb Jacobs says:

    She likes it only because Charlotte couldn’t beat Ronda Rousey clean

  15. Veno Enoo says:

    I wanna Becky not Charlotte or Rounda..Becky only one the best women championship WWE

  16. Eøñ 3 says:

    Charlotte looks like she’s on drugs??

  17. compare death says:

    Who is better
    Like: Becky
    Comment: Charlotte

  18. K Lyrics says:

    Which match would you enjoy watching more

    Like for: Becky vs Ronda

    Comment for: Charlotte vs Ronda

  19. Muhammad Hatoum says:

    Charlotte’s new catchphrase: if you can’t beat the man you gotta imitate the man?

  20. TheAnimalhouse96744 says:

    Stone cold = Becky
    The Rock = Charlotte

    Anyone else agrees to that??

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