Charlotte Flair replaces Becky Lynch in anticipated WrestleMania match: Raw, Feb. 11, 2019

Charlotte Flair replaces Becky Lynch in anticipated WrestleMania match: Raw, Feb. 11, 2019

The McMahon family have an unwelcome surprise for The Man following her apology.


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68 Responses

  1. steven styles says:

    This was even worst than corbin being GM

  2. Sammy J says:

    It’s basically Daniel Bryan’s sloryline from five years ago
    Ronda – Orton, Charlotte – Batista, Becky – DB

  3. Unkn King says:

    So much for WWE giving the people what they want…

  4. Kanan Liira says:

    I would’ve loved to see Becky and Ronda murder Charlotte right there.

  5. Seth Freakin Rollins says:

    Charlotte is getting some serious heel heat. Ladies and gentlemen, she has weaseled her way through a Championship match AGAIN!

    • Aggressive Cat says:

      Ishan Banjara or Maybe just maybe wwe is smart and know the fans don’t like her did it. Also you may want to realize that they don’t want Becky to pin Ronda. I don’t know that is. Maybe it’s because it because it’s a way for her to not look bad. Wrestling fans also don’t know how to boo the right people so now that you guys do it’s bad?

    • Hay John says:

      Seth Freakin Rollins Yo

    • Sans says:

      +Aggressive Cat lol. If u think the end game really is to get everyone to boo Charlotte and cheer Rhonda then boi, u have learnt nothing from good guy Roman vs big bad heel Brock at WM34.

    • Kendric Ditto says:

      Like father like daughter. Ric Flair taught her well.

    • pete smart says:

      It’s to take it off rousey

  6. mamat seking says:

    This remind me of the controversy between Stone Cold and Bret Hart that leads to WM 13

    I got the feeling the creative and the storylines are trolling and playing out our minds

  7. Fatma Aden says:

    McMahons: from now on, we will listen to the WWE universe
    *some time later*
    McMahons: Charlotte will be facing Ronda Rousey at WM
    WWE Universe: BOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

  8. damerboy says:

    Do people really think this is not part of the storyline

    • Idiot Nation Innovations says:

      It’s not a good story.

    • SolidSnake8295 says:

      Of course ppl know. They just think it’s bad storytelling. Especially with the way they tried to make Becky saying “I’m sorry” seem like the biggest decision of her life.

    • Holly grail A says:

      Thriple threat coming soon

    • Reed A says:

      We get it’s a storyline but this most likely result in a Triple-threat match which by the sound of it, NO ONE WANTS CHARLOTTE FLAIR to ruin Becky Lynch’s fight. Ronda vs Becky was actually one of the interesting matches I was looking forwards to, add Charlotte Flair and now you have a bleach blond Roman Reigns.

    • Jason Tidd says:

      They are mindless sheep for Becky and they act like millennials thinking they are entitled to what they want, you want to run something your way then open your own business

  9. Miss Joanne Moore says:

    I love Becky Lynch, Ronda Rousey and Charlotte Flair so much they are all so great and great in the ring together. I love Stephanie and Triple H too I didn’t like it when Stephanie suspended Becky I Think she did it a couple of weeks back I can’t remember. Vince is OK I like Vince sometimes it all depends on what he’s doing and Becky Lynch and Rhonda Rousey do not have bad attitudes Vince you do sometimes. And Becky is the man Vince not you. And how dare he suspend Becky for 60 days Charlotte Flair does have charm so does Becky and Rhonda why did Vince have to spoil and ruin everything sometimes. I do like him but’s he crossed the line. That’s my opinion. I hope Becky Lynch does go to WrestleMania 35 to face Rhonda Rousey and Charlotte Flair.

  10. Sunil Shrivastab says:

    This is not happening in real
    wwe just making storyline
    Wm 35
    Backey vs ronda 100%

  11. Cheeky Laurel says:

    Vince will get beaten by Becky right?

  12. Afghanathlete Edit says:

    Man I wish stone cold came and stunner Vince

  13. Roger Campbell says:

    Soon this will be the most disliked video that WWE has posted ???

  14. anand mahalingam says:

    More dislike than likes!

    WWE is gonna Drown Soon……

  15. Decisions - Choose your interactive stories says:

    Here’s the reason why Vince is the greatest heel of all time.

  16. Alyssa Jackson says:

    Vince is trifling for this but Charlotte of all people. Come on now! Becky deserves better.

  17. Abdelrahman Sedik says:

    I didn’t realize that Roman Regins has dyed his hair blonde + Thank God & Youtube for the dislike button

  18. im Kranthi says:

    RAW WOMEN’S CHAMPIONSHIP was more interesting than Mens championship ?

    • Mucahid Kilinc says:

      Not anymore…

    • Omari jackson says:

      Chill out everyone, this is apart of the storyline. You guys get so worked up because of uncertainty if Ronda VS Becky is going to happen. It’s going to happen!, but in the meantime WWE is building a story. CHILL

    • aj snipe says:

      All I wanted was just Becky Vs Rhonda… That’s all… Not Charlotte added to it or flat out replacing Becky… She doesn’t need to be in the event… It’s going to ruin a good thing… The only way to save this is to pull the rug underneath Charlotte last minute and fix this… WHO IS GOING TO FACE ASUKA NOW?

    • Omari jackson says:

      aj snipe it’s been the plan all along. You are just to ignorant to see

  19. George Ducady says:

    And yet another reason as why Vince needs to step down and let Triple H and Stephanie run things…Charlotte is like a bad rash that keeps coming back and won’t go away…I don’t care how many boob jobs or dental work she gets, I will never ever support her…she is only there because of her father Ric…she will always look like Ric Flair in drag and only have about 30% of his skill…Becky has been making things exciting for wwe all on her own…Becky is the total package, brains, beauty and skill…

  20. DigitalTimothy says:

    How about we leave Charlotte out of this and just get what we really want in Lynch vs Rousey

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