Charter Schools: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Charter Schools: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Charter schools are privately run, publicly funded, and irregularly regulated. John Oliver explores why they aren’t at all like pizzerias.

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20 Responses

  1. Jackson says:

    WOO! New record! Started watching 7 seconds after being posted.

    Praise me

  2. Hong Khuu says:


  3. Robert Jay says:


  4. BrowN Exus says:



  5. RedTailedDolphin says:

    Notification squad is here boys!

  6. Elijah Miller says:

    Not like it’s 2am or anything

  7. Jordan Carrillo says:

    Was gonna go to sleep but John Oliver kept me up

  8. Julia Glaeser says:


  9. Dani pan says:

    video been up for 2 minutes and has 2k views! This videos are like crack.

  10. AY Blackie says:

    Hey Florida, why must it always be you?

  11. Diana, the Inorganic Vegan says:

    As an educator, I can appreciate this topic. Lots of people don’t
    understand that charters do shady shit, like kicking out underperforming
    students to boost their test scores.

  12. fidorover says:

    *STATEMENT FROM JELL-O:* Our company is very disappointed that *Last Week
    Tonight with John Oliver* disparaged our brand in order to make a point
    about charter schools. Firstly, Jell-O is the world’s finest gelatin-based
    food, served in thousands of hospitals and nursing homes, not to mention
    the metric tons of product we sell annually to strip clubs for erotic
    Jell-O wrestling. Yes, Mr. Cosby was our spokesman for a scant 30 years,
    but we never could’ve guessed that a man who wore such delightful sweaters
    was drugging chicks and banging them silly while unconscious. That’s just
    sick and wrong. And ya know what else is sick and wrong? Running out of
    delicious Jell-O pudding, available in powder and convenient Snack Packs.
    The point is, fuck Bill Cosby.

  13. Taimos Dailos says:

    UPLOAD THE TRUMP SEGMENT FROM LAST NIGHT!!!! That was fucking genius!!! You
    out-trumped yourself last night!!! Hillarious!!!

  14. Jose Flores says:

    An people wonder why the us gets low rating on international tests

  15. Sage Water Dragon says:


  16. Bodo Ballermann says:

    Can someone explain to me what a Charter School is? I’m not from America,

  17. Brandon Baxter says:

    Wow, America Is just heading for the biggest implosion ever. Education,
    health, political, business, banking, government… all systems fucked
    right up to the max. Wish there was a way to just saw a divide between
    Canada and Mexico and watch the ocean drown the whole stinking mess away
    down the shitter.

  18. Jan Sten Adámek says:

    9:26 Hold on, they didn’t call it the Wild West. They called it the Wild
    Wild West. Which is like the Wild West but with Will Smith and giant
    steam-powered spiders.

  19. Zach Jordan says:

    Charter schools have a history of providing alternative learning styles
    that help kids who don’t adapt well and failed to learn common core. For
    many kids charter schools with alternative learning styles has been a
    saving grace. However I do agree the application process should make you
    prove you have the funding, the full backing and support of licensed
    teachers, and should review your planned curriculum before you are
    accepted. And the organization that reviews them should be the same that
    checks on public schools.

  20. enigmaPL says:

    That is a major thing the US should be ashamed of; privatized everything.
    And you actually have idiots in the country that will say it’s a good
    thing…. in what way? They probably couldn’t tell you a single reason why.
    Private healthcare, private insurance, private schools, private prisons….
    all avoiding regulations by not having to answer to anyone…. and you have
    people supporting that? The fuck is wrong with you people….

    Your whole view on ‘socialism’ and public option has been skewed by your
    government and corporations so that YOU are led to believe it’s a good
    thing. Just wait till you see the public options (if you ever smarten
    up)…. you’ll probably never forgive yourself for thinking private was