Checking in with the #Resistance | Full Frontal with Samantha Bee | TBS

Checking in with the #Resistance | Full Frontal with Samantha Bee | TBS

The resistance has been expertly resisting everything, including voting.

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20 Responses

  1. Joey Vi says:

    Sam Bee is s Hero

  2. alexc773 says:

    VOTE. I’m real sick of all of the Trump/GOP bullshittery, and Trump’s only been in office for about two months. Resist! Peace.

  3. CardsNHorns04 says:

    Yes! One of my pet peeves with Democrats is they never translate their anger into votes. Republicans do. They could go more pro labor and get a consistent voting base out but that would be too much man.

  4. Alexander Guerrero says:

    it seems republicans are smarter politically than democrats if they can keep winning while having a disadvantage.

  5. DestroyerMariko says:

    People still aren’t voting!? C’mon America, have you learned nothing!?!? D:

  6. MrEpicTruth says:

    Wow, SB spent a whole segment criticizing Democrats. How are butthurt GOP snowflakes supposed to complain about the liberal media conspiracy now??

  7. 503leafy says:

    So basically the “resistance” is doing everything but voting….

  8. stupidkitty84 says:

    Maybe if the US would get on the level of other industrialized nations by making it easier to vote (election day a holiday, on the weekend, and easy voting by mail and voting early rules). #AmericaIsSlow

  9. KingOfMadCows says:

    Californians don’t have to vote. We have 3 million illegal immigrant zombies to do that for us.

  10. sarahj6795 says:

    Are voting levels this low across America or were those just some of the worst cases? I can’t believe turnout was that low for a mayor! Come on, guys!

  11. J Ruff says:

    People still underestimate and/or don’t understand that change begins at the state level. Local media could help with political education, candidate views & discussions (with explanations) issues up for review & how it can affect them.
    Millions of voters didn’t understand that Obamacare & the ACA were the same -& voted on that issue alone.

  12. John3I6 says:

    DEMOCRATS & LIBERALS please express your voice!!

  13. TTCGamer says:

    Democrats have a habit of putting up the worst, most corporate candidates that don’t inspire people to get out there. The party has essentially been taken over by neo-liberals which are just republicans that are pro-choice. If they’d put forth an actual progressive for once people might actually get out and vote. Look at the turnouts Bernie was getting despite not receiving a fraction of the air time that Clinton and Trump got. What am I thinking though? Of course that won’t happen, putting forth a progressive would upset the democrats’ corporate donors, and we can’t have that.

  14. Isaac Armendariz says:

    Jesus, thank you for making this.
    It’s very annoying that dems don’t vote since such a vast majority of people want center left policy.

  15. Angel Rodarte Jr. says:

    Look, I’m someone like a lot of people here. I bite my tongue and vote for the Democrat because, god knows, the Republican is BATSHIT INSANE! However, that doesn’t work for everybody. 46% of the electorate did not vote for President in 2016 and 9% of voting, registered Democrats VOTED FOR TRUMP! A way bigger population than than those voting 3rd party, which for some reason many of us feel entitled to. Which leads me to my conclusion: The majority of people don’t vote for logical trade-offs and legit want to be inspired.

    So, word to the wise, if Democrats want to win, give the people something good policy wise and a candidate without corporate sponsors to vote for.

  16. Mark says:

    They cant vote when voting is always on a work day and many of the working class will get fired if they skip work to vote

  17. Christine Smith says:

    “Planned out by activists”?  Well, yes, that describes a protest.

  18. Henry Albrecht says:

    *VOTE DEMOCRAT 2018*!

  19. Emily Rose says:

    Yeah, it’s definitely important to vote your case as well as chant it at rallies…

  20. A Acks says:

    any leftists want to debate? contact me

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