Chicago Cubs: Someday

Chicago Cubs: Someday

The moment that Cubs fans have imagined for 108 years finally comes true.

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20 Responses

  1. Qua Rollins says:

    Damn they waiting to release a commercial lmao

  2. Omega Deane says:

    CUBS WIN!!!

  3. santino anthonyz says:

    They had to make 2 videos in case Cleveland won lol. Btw


  4. JaZzPrIme74 says:

    I’m a A’s fan and damn I got chills watching this man. Also thanks cubs for
    coming back down 3-1 karma bit cLeavLand in the ass. #DubNarion

  5. Eli De La Cruz says:

    they prolly had an indians video too, rip 3-1

  6. Endurable says:

    Baseball is the greatest sport ever ! hasn’t changed like the nfl or nba,
    it’s still the classic sport that brought our country together. Players
    like Jackie Robinson, Lou Gehrig, and Ted Williams… man nothing will ever
    beat that.

  7. Blank Face says:

    Nike ain’t playing. ?

  8. Pablo R says:

    108 years Chicago won lest go

  9. innertubez says:

    Congrats to the Cubs… and the Indians. That may be the best World Series
    Game 7 ever played.

  10. Marcus Lewis says:

    That’s the block I grew up on. Chestnut Street & Noble St. #EckhartPark
    #WestTownBaby #2016CubsWorldSeriesChampions 

  11. Theresa says:

    I play slow pitch softball here! Live your dreams, kid.

  12. jo23bulls says:

    I cried like a baby tonight.

  13. Co0lwhip says:

    13 (and counting) are from Cleveland obviously. ? ? ?

  14. fiscer247 says:

    Can we forgive poor Steve Bartman now?!

  15. this is bacon says:

    That gave me the emotions. I wish Harry Carey could have been alive to
    witness this.

  16. The Ring Collector says:

    what song is it

  17. joel maldonado says:

    Thank you Harry Carey, I can remember watching you on WGN back in the day,
    the year was 1984 and because of you I became a cub fan!!! Loved hearing
    you sing “take me out to the ball game” and boy did you ever turn me into
    a Chicago Cubs fan!!, just want to say thank you! thru heartache and
    disappointment I have stuck with my beloved cubs, and finally last night
    after all these years the Chicago Cubs won the World Series!!! I can still
    hear your voice, when Ryne Sandberg hit 2 home runs off Bruce Sutter of
    the St Louis Cardinals, back in 1984, cubs were down at one time in that
    game 7-1, and the cubs came back and won 12-11, Harry Cary, ” I never saw
    a game like this in my life and I’ve been around a long life, Holy Cow,
    what a victory, what a victory!!!!!!'”

  18. eagoll267 says:

    Wanted the cubs to win but didn’t want to deal with warriors bandwagon.

  19. Anton Riley says:

    GO CUBS GO!!
    GO CUBS GO!!

  20. Brian lath says:

    They’ve been waiting so long to release this video that kid’s in his last
    year of college.