Chickens Float

Chickens Float

Do chickens float? Well my daughter and I try it! We put one in our pool. Yes its a real, LIVE chicken

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19 Responses

  1. Able Kirby says:

    I’ve got to hand it to him, they do.

  2. Rajini de Murugan says:

    Please gimme a chicken now.. Got stuff to do

  3. nightlightabcd says:

    This is different! I don’t think anyone had thought of this before!

  4. Bartosz Ilkowski says:

    Hello, I work for Reuters. I just sent you a YouTube message regarding your
    video. I appreciate if you could take a look.

  5. Rudresh Ryan says:

    The new Chicken Guy.

  6. david garcia says:

    thats a really pretty chicken

  7. nothd70 says:

    Thank you for all the comments so let me address a few questions i see here.
    1. the Hen is not a pet we have chickens for eggs and food
    2. its an above ground “Salt Water Pool” no chlorine
    3. yes i’m loud!!! i like having fun
    4. yes I’m missing my left hand… i had both arms crushed in a machine
    they saved my right but not the left… life is good, I’m Alive!!
    5. I believe that life is to be lived to the fullest and to enjoy
    everything you can!!!

  8. Noam Kohavi says:

    So lucky that she can float cause she doen’t know to swim :)

  9. Rok Oblak says:


  10. Leah Johnson says:

    What kind of a bird is she? She looks like an Australorp or a Black Copper
    Marans.. Beautiful Little girl! 🙂 And so calm!! Try and give them a bath
    they don’t just sit there that’s for sure.

  11. thejokeriscool55 says:

    You mean to tell me its not a duck?

  12. Manuel Mayer says:

    What’s up. It’s really awesome tendency skin What’s your opinion about that

  13. HHS1500 says:

    Somebody call spielberg… we got ourselves a movie…

  14. MMarcus says:

    What a happy couple. Total life goal…just me and my girl or guy with
    whatever odd thing we bring into our pool. NFWG

  15. lolroe says:

    Woah what happened to your hand :o

  16. Mugu S says:


  17. possumholler1 says:

    You REALLY didn’t know birds can swim / float ? Duck, goose, swan… none
    of those came to mind when you wondered if a feathered animal can swim?

  18. Rob nasty says:

    I could give 2 shits about the chicken. I love eating chicken…
    But FYI dumbass….
    Salt water pool is CHLORINATED!
    You are not special, your not one of a kind.. ALL salt pools produce
    chlorine.. fucking fool.
    Now lets eat the chicken!!

  19. MianaqYT says:

    So chicken = Duck?