Chiefs vs. Broncos Week 4 Highlights | NFL 2018

Chiefs vs. Broncos Week 4 Highlights | NFL 2018

The Kansas City Chiefs take on the Denver Broncos during Week 4 of the 2018 NFL season.

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71 Responses

  1. Keep it Peaceful says:

    He threw the ball with his left hand 😱

  2. ZAK KAZ says:

    So, it Patrick Mahomes leading the mvp so far? Since he got the stats and win. Rams are probably the best team right now, but Goff and Gurley split the mvp.

    • joe travieso says:

      sorry.,,,it didn’t mean to be a criticism of Mahomes, I’m a cowboy fan, but i was telling my friends that Mahomes is the real deal, love to watch him play..and the comparisons to Favre is wrong, he more like john elway, just a one man gang

    • Jay Walker says:

      +Cory Fessenden i didnt mention the bucs but most teams right now defense looks bad other denver and baltimore

    • Satayman says:

      Surely it’s fairly close, but take into account Goff comes in with 11-2 TD-INT whereas Mahomes is at 14-0, compare his 2 extra TDs with Golf’s 2 Ints with his value of ~200 more passing yards, and a higher %, it’s close and hard to tell at this stage, but I think the Rams are more set up for Goff’s success at this stage. However you can’t count out what Pat was able to do against the broncos qb unfriendly defence earlier today. His performance under this pressure and other sources aren’t fully represented by the stats. Both putting their case forward early for MVP this year. But it is definitely harder for Goff to stand out in a team with the likes of Gurley. That could make a big difference.

  3. whereRyouluv says:

    Mahomes is the truth.

  4. The Vanilla Godzilla says:

    My Holmes Mahomes is a stud. Dude had absolutely zero blocking.

  5. Joseph Leonardo says:

    I have been a Chiefs fan for over 30 years and I have to say they got away with one play clock 00 but man is Mahomes fun to watch or what left hand throw this guy is the true meaning of giving a 110 percent go Chiefs

  6. Typical Ty says:

    That Kareem Hunt TD…😎😎😎😎 -SPOKEN FROM A TRUE CHIEFS FAN

  7. Deaven Snyder says:

    KCMO baby…ROLL ROLLLLL cha cha…chiefs baby!

  8. Smite Stuff says:

    The lightskins are taking over. First Steph Curry, now Pat Mahomes.

  9. Typical Ty says:


  10. Kang says:

    Mahomes looks like a very special QB for us πŸ‘€

  11. Kang says:

    Broncos and Chiefs always give great games

    • DerpFoDays says:

      +Robert Boucher Jr. Poorly yes, but they haven’t been blowouts, mostly by 7 points ornless

    • Asuh Dude says:

      DerpFoDays you’re right the defense was definitely a huge part. But without peyton, you aren’t winning the superbowl with osweiler.

    • Robert Boucher Jr. says:

      +DerpFoDays like i said, the scoreboard doesnt accurately reflect the piss poor effort ive seen denver last couple years.

    • DerpFoDays says:

      +Robert Boucher Jr. That makes, a little bit of sense, so I’m gonna give it to you, lol chiefs really haven’t been all that good either but the Broncos have been worse so, I can’t say much, lol

    • DerpFoDays says:

      +Asuh Dude decent point, I’ll give you that one. But Peyton didn’t help much either, lol. He just eventually knew he wasn’t the same as he used to be so he started chip passing instead of his confusing offense.

  12. Yelloh Pello says:

    That overthrown pass to Demaryius Thomas… I felt that – Chargers fan

  13. Erick Khan says:

    I needed Pat Mahomes to get me 23 points in Fantasy to win. He got me 22.9 and I lost by .04. F to pay respects to my undefeated season

  14. Green 505 says:

    As a chiefs fan, watching our defense is the worst thing ever.

  15. Martin Realzola says:

    I feel like i was watching
    young Favre out there .. The dude is fun to watch…
    Slowly and slowly the NFL is being infiltrated by college offenses. The spread works with an accurate qb.. See Goff, Mahomes, Mayfield, Trubisky, Watson.. I don’t put Wentz in there cause he took snaps under center at ND

    • Gabe Lumby says:

      To me Mahomes is the perfect mix of Favre and ARod. He has ARod’s arm talent and accuracy (if not a stronger arm) combined with Favre’s ability to make the impossible look possible.

      He is the most talented young QB I can remember over the past two decades.

      I used to joke with my FIL that I would trade our entire roster for ARod.

      Now I wouldn’t trade the entire Packers roster for Mahomes.

      I know it is only 4 games, but the kid can do it all, including coming from 10 down on the road in a hostile environment against our rival with an above average defense.

      The Chiefs future is looking bright. Hopefully we fire Sutton and can add some defensive talent in the draft and free agency after this year.

      I’m still very hopeful for this year, but I don’t think we have a chance at a Super Bowl with this pathetic defense.

      Go Chiefs!

    • Martin Realzola says:

      +Gabe Lumby I’m not even a Chiefs fan but the guy is legit.
      Who says air raid qbs dont do well? Mahomes, Goff and Keenum are putting it to rest

  16. SuperRandomName101 says:

    When Mahomes switches hands to throw smh smh. I have never seen that in my life. That was just pure athleticism !!

  17. Sean says:

    Everyone talkin bout Mahomes but game ball goes to Hunt tonight. He out here bulldozing the Broncos D

  18. TheMaddenGuru says:

    I’m officially sold on Mahomes. Our offensive line was terrible, and we would have lost that game with Smith under center for sure. To anyone saying the throws he made could be made by half the quarterbacks in the league, you either didn’t watch the game or you simply don’t know football. The passes Mahomes pulled off were cheat code level. Scrambling out of the pocket with defenders pursuing (or on him), across his body in stride, with his freaking left hand, I honestly don’t think there is another QB in the league anymore with the arm talent that this kid has. Maybe Rodgers, but he’s getting old and less mobile. To anyone saying “It’s just one year, calm down, look at Dak”, you know darn well Mahomes is much more talented than Dak, who for instance can’t throw a ball 80 yards like Mahomes can, just as one example. He simply doesn’t have the natural abilities Mahomes has to make plays, who has already broken records in pasing yards out of the pocket and is well on his way to more. Yes he has a star-studded offense to throw to, and they certainly help, but you still have to get the ball away efficiently and accurately to utilize them, and that’s all on the quarterback. Mahomes is the real deal, and if KC’s defense can improve with no one else in the AFC having truly established themselves yet we could finally be looking at a long awaited deep playoff run, one that if the right pieces fall into place might just conclude in the Super Bowl.

    • DerpFoDays says:

      +Joshua Harteventually defenses will adjust and they won’t be as good as they are right now

    • DerpFoDays says:

      +TheMaddenGuru you can adjust to about anything bud

    • TheMaddenGuru says:

      +DerpFoDays I mean with that logic Mahomes can adjust to defenses adjustments and keep playing great. So we’ll see. Their biggest strength rn is Mahomes getting out of the pocket and buying time to let receivers get open, and it is nearly impossible to cover someone for that long, no matter how much film or knowledge you’ve got on the team. Sooner or later someone gets open, and Mahomes finds them. That’s what happened all last night in the second half, and because that style of improvisational play is so hard to stop I’m not sure the Chiefs can be “figured out”, not completely anyways.

    • DerpFoDays says:

      +TheMaddenGuru ture, they may be the next patriots of the NFL, but with a better division, it’s also hard to see that hapoen

    • Carlos says:

      cheat codes? Lmfao you mean athleticism. Remember rg3? Yeh where he know kid

  19. RunsWithFeathers says:

    Not even a Broncos fan but that missed pass to Thomas at the end hurt me

  20. Night Terrorz says:

    Imma just simply say this and this is coming from a eagles fan. People talking about how his left hand throw wasnt impressive well then you don’t know football well enough because the fact he had von on him and didnt throw with his right bc that could of gotten stripped but he switched a made a play that they really needed. Thats not coaching thats something you can’t teach. He did bad in the first half but to be near perfect in the 2nd half and come out get the win while down 14 is what makes him impressive. Real fans and ex players of the game will agree with me that the little things matter the most.

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