Chiefs vs. Giants | NFL Week 11 Game Highlights

Chiefs vs. Giants | NFL Week 11 Game Highlights

The Kansas City Chiefs take on the New York Giants in Week 11 of the 2017 NFL Season.

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103 Responses

  1. Prod. says:

    Well damn i bet nobody expected this

  2. Go Big Blue says:

    Loss to the 49ers but beat the Chiefs


  3. KJ SOTO says:



  4. Casey Hayward says:

    Chiefs fans nowhere to be found. Giants played outstanding Defensively!

    • George Washington says:

      You found one right here, you may find many more if you read the comments.

    • No Shaqs All Kobes out says:

      Casey Hayward oh they’re definitely MIA. After running around for 6 wks all talk, they got punched in the gut and brought back down to earth. They’ll probably still go to the playoffs because their devision sucks. But wouldn’t be surprised if they end up getting bullied by the jags in the playoffs.

    • Patrick says:

      Chiefs offensive is horrid, of course Giants would play well against that….haha. Alex Smith crumbles into his beta male self again, and Andy Reid goes back to inconsistent awful play calling, and defensive coordinator is too old and not adapting to new abilities, tricks, etc.

    • Mr. Krabs says:

      Casey Hayward our defense REALLY showed up. Eli did his thing in the 4th quarter like he always does. Even though my Giants are 2-8, I’m still proud of em. Great job defense. They won the game for us.

  5. Stxner Kenny says:

    Chiefs are the Vikings from last year. I’m very disappointed .. hopefully they can finish strong

    • shihan ayman says:

      Stxner Kenny chiefs were the Vikings of last year which were the falcons of 2015

    • empireone :P says:

      shihan ayman who’s next >:)

    • G0Chiefs says:

      And the chargers will be just 2 games back after today and playing the best football in the division. Chiefs have fallen off the face of the earth.

    • Ej Beat says:

      Your division ain’t looking so tough; so I’m sure they’ll still get in the playoffs as a division winner. Chargers look to be on the rise though.

    • Lamar Diego says:

      Ej Beat The Chiefs started the season 4-0, while the Chargers started 0-4. Now the Chargers are just 2 games behind with every game winnable from here on out, including a game against the Chiefs…The Chargers, always seem to play the Chiefs better in KC…Oh, the irony of the Chargers somehow make the playoffs, ESPECIALLY knowing that so many teams started strong this year. They’re on game out of the 6th seed now, with a victory over the team holding that seed.

  6. Bats says:

    LMFAO big ass Bennie Logan crying and wishing he stayed with the Eagles

  7. Darius Slay #Lockdown #Slayed #BigPlaySlay says:

    Proof The Chiefs are frauds.

  8. Nastyyyy says:

    3:33 Madden?😂

  9. Bats says:

    Chiefs season is over week 1 was a fluke

  10. Savage Brick Sports says:

    49ers beat the giants who beat the Chiefs who beat the Patriots

    Therefore the 49ers > Patriots

  11. Don't Subscribe To This Channel says:

    Giants beat the Chiefs
    Chiefs beat the Patriots

    Cough cough

  12. Thotboyy M says:

    Chiefs fans on suicide watch 😂

  13. Ares Krieger says:

    Well Urinating Tree will have something to lampoon to death in his weekly vid XD

    • Michael Parris says:

      Ares Krieger ; Broncos/Giants Fan For LIFE here : To HELL with Odell Beckham, Jr. His greatest catches in a Giants uniform have ALL BEEN IN LOSSES!! Plus, he’s a ME FIRST, ME ONLY, Locker Room Dividing Diva with a constantly diminishing level of both adult maturity and professionalism. He really SHOWED us what he TRULY has to bring to the table last season in the playoff loss to Green Bay. Victor Cruz was the only Giants receiver who caught everything that Eli Manning threw to him. So, why was he released and Beckham retained?

    • Paul W says:

      Ares Krieger he is going to do the dolphins is week

    • Nashawn Howard says:

      Michael Parris That was his first playoff game in his career. Cruz got released because he isn’t that good anymore. Odell carried the Giants offense for the last few years on his back. You can chalk up those outbursts to his passion for the game, his teammates support him so I don’t see any locker room dividing. You sound like a hater.

    • s1r_magnus says:

      Michael Parris lmfao Cruz couldnt even make it on the Bears and OBJ can single handedly win games. Quit being salty

  14. Young Blood says:

    “It’s 2nd and 3rd. Reid, let’s run the ball with Kareem Hunt.”
    Andy: “Nah, let’s go with another screen pass. Kareem can get them stats next year.”

  15. iiKing_Elvin says:

    RIP Chiefs bandwagon 2017-2017.

  16. Dorian Reece says:

    I can’t wait for urinating trees video this week

  17. Marlique Sheed says:

    And this is why I hate when people say teams have easy schedules. Good teams get beat all the time by “bad” teams that decide to have a good game. There is no such thing as an easy schedule.

  18. Mama There Go That Man says:

    Lmao Chiefs lost to a practice squad offense. No Odell no Marshall no Shepard. Worst o-line and running game in football..

  19. Amazing Guy says:

    2-8, on our way to 8-8!

  20. Dylan Talks says:

    Damn, When Giants fan say “give up let us a get a first round pick” Ben Macadoo “I’ll pass”

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