Child Brides | June 14, 2017 Part 2 | Full Frontal on TBS

Child Brides | June 14, 2017 Part 2 | Full Frontal on TBS

From the files of “Fucked Up But Still Legal,” we present minors getting married.

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20 Responses

  1. Daniel Walker says:

    Your in-depth segments are often devastating, but that’s proof of their relevance and of how excellently crafted your work on them, even and especially the comedy. Just one more thing that sets you guys apart; I love your show!

  2. Malint says:

    how is this even a debate issue?! come on, America, you’re better than that!

  3. Msnjolo says:

    And to think people are freaking out about the possibility of Sharia law in the US. It seems you guys are already half way there but call it conservatism.

  4. Till blabla says:

    everytime you tell us something like this i lose my faith in humanity. sad

  5. 223Drone says:

    The fact that there are US politicians blocking bills designed to protect children from child marriage is disgusting.

  6. Shubham Bhushan says:

    next time you motherfuckers laugh at us Indians have a nice deep look at yourself

  7. Nahal Chaudary says:

    ok well this made me cry

  8. VelociFaptor365 says:

    The more I learn about America the more I realise it’s actually one of the _worst_ countries in the world…

  9. Imoddest Oddish says:

    Better sign themselves up for a red dress and a white hat! 😥

  10. kesumo says:

    Just one more reason I can’t stand Chris Christie. Time to make calls and start petitions, people!

  11. david githu says:

    Republicans are a club of psychopaths .

  12. Prithu says:

    The conservatives are FOR child marriage?? …. because….. abortion??!! They are truly the American Taliban.

  13. Mihail Ignatov says:

    The more you learn about the States, the more you understand the amount of hypocrisy that exists there. How fitting that Trump is your president, I’d say.

  14. Maddie Rosethorn says:

    Brah, I’m 18 and I’m still not ready to start a realationship, let alone get married

  15. what the flying fuck ... says:

    … land of the free … which sounds like a horrifying joke lately

  16. Nomi Sunrider says:

    This is sickening. For years politicians have been comparing LGBTQ people to pedophiles as an excuse to take away their rights and demonizing Muslims by claiming they support child brides, all while quietly ensuring that pedophiles can marry their victims. I feel physically ill listening to this and it makes me want to grab every politician by the ear and scream “Why did you let this happen?” and personally tear anyone who voted for underage marriage out of their seats. That you gave it this coverage is vital and I hope it gets much more, they’ve gotten away with it by keeping us in the dark and once it’s out we’ll hold every last person accountable for this.

  17. David Asiimwe says:

    I don’t understand America.

  18. Aeroldoth3 says:

    When did the US think it was okay for rapists to marry their victims? When they put bible rules into law.

  19. Claudy TheArtist says:

    Samantha Bee for President 2020

  20. Matthew Campbell says:

    America just needs to get straight what an adult is
    You can get married at age 13
    Work at age 16
    drive at age 16
    Be tried as an adult as young as 15
    Vote at 18
    And drink at 21
    Come on be consistent

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