Childish Gambino: This Is America (Live) – SNL

Childish Gambino: This Is America (Live) – SNL

Musical guest Childish Gambino performs “This Is America” on Saturday Night Live.


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71 Responses

  1. Zbychu Grabowski says:

    This guy is too much! Musician, actor, stand-up comedian, oh my God, what can’t he do?

  2. Kay Hay says:

    The only Donald i respect is Glover👍

  3. S says:

    Wasn’t ready for the lighting at 2:47 !!!! Amazing!!!

  4. Glittrry .Witch says:

    Probs to the people who did the lighting, they went off in the last minute! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  5. Power Power says:

    Love it 😎💯👍🏿🔥🔥🔥🔥

  6. Alan Arun Mavath says:

    Wait when he takes of his shirt he becomes childish gambino that’s better than superman’s telephone booth

  7. Guido Anselmi says:

    Like Black Panther said in Infinity War: “Get this man a shirt..”
    No, not the quote? Oh well.

  8. ScarlettP says:

    Now this is what I call Talent

    • Will Bell, II says:

      this is called satire.. but you’d have to know about the world to understand it..

    • Morgan Wilson says:

      Naughtysauce you know that was the point right?

    • Fujihara San says:

      Naughtysauce your fucking retarded

    • Aaron Homan says:

      Ray Charles stevie wonder Louis Armstrong etc etc etc would all bitch slap you for saying that.

    • Ey b0ss says:

      i like the dudes music, but come on, to bring out this statement like you’re some kind of Dumbledore who announces that Harry is the chosen one, that’s pathetic. There’re plenty of good artists out there like this guy and there’s plenty of talent in this world

  9. Michael Adebiyi says:

    Notice how he looks as if he’s being forced to perform and the children just continue focussing on dancing and the money, oblivious to his unhappiness.

    • Alicia Schmidt says:

      A great way to still show the concept in a live performance. Thanks for this explanation.

    • Numinous123 says:

      Led Zeppelin based upon your English, the last thing anyone could call you is smart. You write like you’re on drugs yourself.

    • Javen says:

      Chris T Tuia ~ if that’s really what he’s saying it doesn’t translate to the music video. He doesn’t looked forced at all in the music video.

    • Zachariah Koch says:

      Michael Adebiyi no, you don’t know shit.

  10. Dom's Sketch Cast says:

    black dystopian pop

    • E. Johnson II says:

      Phil I love a black American that can’t see the reality of his blessed situation and continues to hold up the black card …. Idiot…

    • E. Johnson II says:

      corkman666 ,Alright, I’m game. Please list them.

    • E. Johnson II says:

      Just a Black Dude , hypocrisy of your statement knows no bounds. Your screen name is just a black dude. I don’t know you so yes you are just another black American. And I’m sure, to you I am just another white American. This is not racism, this is just a way to identify people that you don’t know. Simple facts, not racism.

    • DeeLiv 1998 says:

      Dom this should be the theme for the next livestream

    • alpha leonis says:

      +E. Johnson II can’t you simply say just another dude there is no need to use color to describe anyone

  11. Ms Nigeria says:

    A R T

  12. James Burgess says:

    I first time a SNL live performance sounds just as great as the studio version.

    • DrMcQPS says:

      At 2:06 you can tell he missed his line. He was going along with the recording.

    • Starchy Abyss says:

      John Breen all the butthurt white people lol y’all gonna hate on him for speaking the truth like how you guys hated on Eminem

    • DZguitar says:

      to be fair a lot of rappers are playing with their studio tracks with vocals intact and just rapping along with themselves, which totally grinds my gears

    • ileaddeaths says:

      which was also shit lol

    • Braden Wood says:

      valjean76 Are you people brain dead. He is clearly rapping/singing over the studio recording. He isn’t “lip syncing” it’s just his pre recorded audio listen with headphones or something and don’t just throw around phrases that you don’t know the meaning to.

  13. Ms Nigeria says:

    Get your money black man.

  14. _窮 says:

    That stage laser lighting effect at 2:48 is amazing, then goes to pure awesome at the breakdown.

    • kamenwaticlients says:

      Mr. Duno9 nice I gotta learn more. Thanks for finding this.

    • Alex Dan says:

      Mr. Duno9 ah I wish I knew more about lasers. I do lighting design myself but never had the chance to work with lasers

    • cyrannodb says:

      You probably can see the effect in person too if you watch it through a slotted spinning wheel that emulates the camera’s frame rate, although getting the speed just right could be tricky.

    • Tim Hold says:

      If the effect only shows up in the video, wouldnt it just be cheaper to CGI it? Looking at the website, there isnt even a price on one of these, so you know its expensive.

    • Erica says:

      Yeah I’ve seen videos from Bassnectar NYE where the lasers were doing this but it can only be captured through camera

  15. vladroxyoursox says:

    Music is over gambino won

  16. Ramzyrizzle says:

    I wish I could be as good at one thing as he is in all of the things.

    • AntilonGS3 says:

      @None Given – Pfff…. yeah, give any woman in the world a choice between him and you and I’m sure you would win because of how macho you can act.

    • Hayder Shafi says:

      Ramzyrizzle I mean you pretty good at producing dank memes my dude

    • Jake Hammaker says:

      Ramzyrizzle Believe in yourself? Or me so I have more of a chance you know.

    • Bruce Lee says:

      Look, I don’t go around flaunting how NOT rich and famous I am… could this bitch stop taking his shirt off and flaunting how NOT in good of shape he is?!!!!!!

    • rain sound says:

      This guy is a crack head thinker, To Negative. This Foster the Hate of Black Americans. Be like Kanya, be about love. The Coons, work to feed Black People Crap. Uncle Toms. Who Accept mental slavery. This is something to tell white’s they are better than Blacks.

  17. AdemolaVictorTv says:

    The dance tho 👌👌👍👍👍👍

  18. BLAQK ! says:

    How many people love *_CHILDISH GAMBINO?_*

  19. BLAQK ! says:

    The live performance doesnt have the same impact as the *VIDEO* … _YOU GOTTA SEE THE VIDEO._

  20. mommy says:

    This is Art

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