CHILD’S PLAY Official Trailer (2019)

CHILD’S PLAY Official Trailer (2019)

The wait is over, your best friend has arrived. From the producers of IT comes Child’s Play, in theaters June 21. #ChildsPlayMovie

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70 Responses

  1. Henry Reinoso says:

    Unpopular opinion I know.
    But this looks good

    • Phillip says:

      +Nando R The second one was fucking great! You’re right about the rest though……

    • Brenage says:

      Henry Reinoso It’s looking pretty good from this trailer so my hopes are high but that could easily change with the final product.

    • Nando R says:

      +Phillip It’s the better sequel but too many plot holes. Like, toward the end, how the hell did Chucky and Andy find a newspaper van with the back door open that just happened to pass by the Good Guy factory. HOW?!?! Dumb man… Doesn’t make sense.

    • jsmpsnn says:

      It looks awesome (old school chucky fan here)

    • Chino Tatu says:

      I grew up on the original. This looks good too. Who cares? It’s entertainment. Being “loyal” to an entertainment franchise doesn’t do anything for you lol. Just shut up see a movie, be entertained, and escape reality for two hours, my God.

  2. Midnight's Edge After Dark says:

    Nah I’m good with the REAL Chucky, thanks

  3. MaximumMadnessStixon says:

    Meh… this doesn’t get me too excited. Looks like any generic horror remake. Hopefully it’ll turn out good, though. I’m honestly more excited for the TV show that’s gonna continue the original franchise at this point.

  4. Five Nights at Froakies says:


    • Joshi The Astro_boy says:

      It will be a different Chucky I will not watch this shit because basically is a remake and the original voice actor will not be the voice of Chucky so no interested it this crap!

    • ChaoticGamer says:

      +Brain Stem Soup same. It reminds me of Freddy Krueger and the nightmare series. The first one was scary. You see Freddy ad figure in the shadows, His face is always covered in shadow. He’s a scary entity.. But then the rest of movie go downhill and instead of being a scary figure lurking in the shadows. He became a joke who says puns. Chucky went the same way..the child’s play 1 to 3 had some comedic aspects scattered around But then in the bride/seed of chucky. You get stupid jokes. You see Chucky masturbating and doll boobs. It got stupid.

    • L. E. says:

      +Brain Stem Soup, Don Mancini was Mad about the reboot when he found out a year ago. *Destiny Johnson* No the TV Series is by Don Mancini.. the originator

    • Deontae Douglas says:

      Ikr, I was hoping is they going to remake child play, and they made it too

  5. Foxy the pirate says:

    Ok this looks epic! Can’t wait to See this in theaters!X3 big Chucky fan btw

  6. Minecraft Fan 2018 says:

    Okay Toy Story 4 And Chid’s Play Are Coming In June 21

  7. Natsu Dragneel says:

    50/50 for me seems fun not scary. Kinda like IT

  8. Gustavo Gutierrez says:

    Idk, Aubrey looks too young to be the kids mom and the kid looks too old to be playing with dolls.

    • Nando R says:

      The kid is like 13 and it’s clearly more than just a doll so I buy it. Plaza is in her 30s so it’s not that unlikely.

    • Veruca Salt says:

      Gustavo Gutierrez it’s more of a robot tech kinda thing then a doll.

    • Victor Anleu says:

      I just drove by a pregnant girl that couldn’t have been more than 14-15 years old. Your logic is irrelevant.

    • Clasrisa Jones says:

      Clam your tits

    • Pin Head Larry says:

      well technically it’s not a regular doll, Chucky is supposed to be an technology advanced A.I robot in this movie, I could see a teenager or even an adult wanting a cool robot that moves an acts like a human, make him do chores and stuff.

  9. Steve-o 316 says:

    If Brad Dourif isn’t doing the voiceover for Chucky then it’s not Chucky and nothing more than a rip off of the original.

    • Nando R says:

      While they definitely rip off some of the ideas, I’m still going to watch it. Mancini could’ve made a great series but as it stands, Chucky stopped being scary after the first one and that is stupid IMO. This will probably be scarier than all of the sequels.

    • Space Wavves says:


    • SkySlasher says:

      Steve-o 316 It’s a rouge AI possesssing a children’s toy or maybe the whole brand for a different Brand name all together and a different company with no Voodoo sh#t and we don’t even know the characters name living condition or even this Chuckys personality also I’m sorry and I was very disappointed to here Brad Dorif will not be reprising his role though that’s for the best the original series is still going this is just being made by Orion which have the rights to just the first movie

    • I am completely useless to this world says:

      Shut the hell up you fan boy, Bet you are ranting in Your Mom’s basement

    • Tasty Churro says:

      +SkySlasher Voodoo was a big part of the Child’s Play movies. Its how Charles Lee Ray became Chucky and is trying to become human again by switching bodies with Andy.

  10. TrueWarrior7 says:

    Looks interesting, Hopefully it turns out good.

  11. Josh Cook says:

    It desperately needed a reboot, I’m going to see this purely out of nostalgia.

    • Panpaii says:

      Why do you want a reboot, dumbest comment i’ve ever seen wtf

    • PHTM_WASP _ says:

      Josh Cook if put it in the right hands I would LOVE to see a Friday the 13th reboot

    • Cinema Cola says:

      “Desperately needed” I don’t think you know what you’re talking about. It’s fine to say you want a remake, but the original, in no way, “desperately needed” a remake.

  12. Aakash kale says:

    Chucky is gonna kill the people who survived Thanos’ snap!!?????

  13. Central Coast Cinema says:

    Child’s Play: Judgement Day

  14. Jason366 Guerrero says:

    Producers of the film IT are making this? Okay.

  15. Salem Miller says:

    Glad they did show his face in the TEASER trailer, people complain about showing too much now people are mad they show too little. Anyway, glad it looks like this one will be more horror and less horror comedy. Let’s see how this plays out.

  16. AJ Brie Larson says:

    2019 is the year of movies omg so
    Much good movies wtf Im not even ready

  17. The Flick Cave says:


  18. Charles Brown says:

    Whoa!!! I cant believe the comment section isn’t pissed at a remake. I must be on the smart side of youtube

  19. Ben Newsome says:

    Not surprised that April ludgate got her child a chucky doll

  20. JaxBlade says:

    OH SNAP THEY STILL GOT HIM NAMED CHUCKY EVEN THOUGH HE’S AI IN THIS FILM!!! Okay even though I still love Dan Mancini’s Ongoing SERIES I AM HYPED FOR THIS NEW CHUCKY FLICK Though I wonder if he’s gonna talk or laugh since he’s Not a serial killer this time? & while I think its a kick in the teeth to Don Mancini to make this while he’s still doing his films, Im curious what new direction they will take it since Chucky probably wont be talkin shit or laughing like Brad Dourif

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