[CHOREOGRAPHY] BTS (방탄소년단) ‘봄날 (Spring Day)’ Dance Practice (Lovely ver.) #2019BTSFESTA

[CHOREOGRAPHY] BTS (방탄소년단) ‘봄날 (Spring Day)’ Dance Practice (Lovely ver.) #2019BTSFESTA

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44 Responses

  1. Aliza Fatima says:

    Jimin look so cute ❤️❤️❤️❤️
    ,Jungkook make my heart melt
    And V is very funny!!!!!
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  2. Amanda Cardoso says:

    É o Oscar de Melhor Ator vai para…..


  3. lucifer Estrella de la mañana says:

    Ahh lo amé ??? vivan los Shipeos KOOKJIN?TAEJIN? YOONMIN ?VKOOK?JhopeJin?

  4. Fernanda Yoongi says:

    El TaeKook, Yoonmin Y Namjin Es Real, Se Tenía Que Decir, Y Se Dijo:v❤️

  5. Blink Army says:

    No one..literally no one
    Teahyung:.. *lemme stare at ma beautiful facue for a second in peace*


    Absolutamente nadie:
    Yo escuchando la parte de jin en el minuto 2:23 : “Jimin anduvo de puta y Yoongi lloró, ah, el Yoongi lloró”
    Es inevitable :’U

  7. Sasha Li says:

    Я так рада, что Юмины и Вигуки взаимодействуют))

  8. Teresa Gonzales says:

    They are so cute while doing this video. Especially VKook!!!
    Luv you guyssss!!! 파이팅!!!

  9. Marlys Villa says:

    ???Jimin andubo de punta y el Yoongi lloro hay el Yoongi lloro???


  10. Kassy B says:

    Missed these types of practices where it’s just them goofing around like crackheads ??? ??? also……
    Tae, Jin, Namjoon, and Jhope had me dying ???

  11. Trishkook Jeon says:

    At 4:18

    Taehyung: *imitates Jimin’s choreo in Lie*

    Jimin: *saw Taehyung and tried to kick him* ??

  12. Irene says:

    3:43 *I see you Jimin and I saw that subtle glance at Yoongi I SEE YOU*

  13. Alice D'Aguila Masteck says:

    WE PURPLE YOU GUYS?????❤???

  14. BTSbiasis KimTaehyung says:

    Uhh V acting was so good. I loved how it ended with Jungkook and V instead of Jimin and Jin

  15. Luisana Luque says:

    El final fue el mejor de todos Amos el Vkook , tipo vi eso y me quede en shock

    Tenia que ver un Vkook y hubo uno
    No me lo esperaba

  16. Ellish Purple says:

    *Esta es la primera vez que no lloro con Spring Day*
    *Esta vez me alegro el corazón por la versión shiper al 100%*

  17. Sloan E. says:

    Oml this is actually too precious!!!

    And my favorite song too!!!

  18. Ronii Amuchii says:

    Crackhead version = hobi, tae, jin, namjoonie
    Lovely version = jk, jimin, suga


  19. Cal Lee says:

    Peep 3:44 for the sweetest smile ever from Yoongi. And are you serious Taehyung? Dancing in loafers?? Lolol

  20. Nicole is in the Game says:

    it’s beautiful the vkook loved the final part in the hug ?

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