[CHOREOGRAPHY] BTS (방탄소년단) ‘FAKE LOVE’ Dance Practice

[CHOREOGRAPHY] BTS (방탄소년단) ‘FAKE LOVE’ Dance Practice

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45 Responses

  1. Arissa Nakamura says:

    Woow Jimin is *SUPER* DANCER !!! SO COOOOOOOOL OPPA~ ??????

  2. Eunjin says:

    wow. jimin is just out of this world *sharp*

  3. JK loves taetae says:

    I want to know about this hastags #weloveyouMinYoongi
    Plssss i really want to know? What happen to suga???

    • María Santilán says:

      CazWaz it is not real, now k-army are trying to fix the missunderstanding

    • suga&spice says:

      wait wait wait hold up, WHAAAAAAT? So did a fan insult him or was it just a rumour?

      Cuz if it’s true, then I’m extremely shocked and disgusted. My poor bby deserves better ??

    • María Santilán says:

      suga&spice nothing happen was a rumor and karmy said that it was false, a person translated that without proof and we all believed it but at the end of the day it was totally false, now k-army are trying to fix the misunderstanding

    • bts's lost bag says:

      JK loves taetae i didn’t understand you what happened to tae?

    • Lulis 07 says:

      Rumor or not at least Suga will feel our love for him

  4. & Shuhua Yuqi says:

    1:38 Jimin ???❤️

  5. & Shuhua Yuqi says:

    Im serious
    Jungkook stop this
    Jimin..do you want my DEAD!!?

  6. Miguel DL says:

    That figure, those perfect dance lines 2:44 PARK JIMIN!!?

  7. Jimin Chel selena says:

    all of them are good and improving… but JIMIN there is something in him that when he dance and sing is just so perfect like i can see myself draw dropping while looking at his dance … no wonder hes an ultimate bias wrecker . and hes my bias already ever since ??????????

  8. Jimin Chel selena says:

    JIMIN slays as always… hes so perfect like when he dance and sing is so full of feels and expressions . and you can feel the song by the way he dance …. my bias forever JIMIN ?

  9. randomfandomtrash says:

    I love the way Jimin dances, he’s the literal definition of perfection. ?

  10. Nctbebe-l Armyroha says:

    1:38-1:39 Park Jimin being extra as usual, I love it?❤️

  11. OsakaRose Sakura says:

    *JungKookie, quit trying to attack us all with those abs! :)*

  12. madi turner says:

    Maybe it’s bc Jimin is my ult but in all dance practice videos he always catches my eye his dancing to me is like no otherㅠㅠ

  13. BtBt BTS says:

    It takes normal people 4:02 to watch this
    It takes ARMY 28:14 to watch this

  14. Sugainfiresman 1 says:

    Jin and Namjoom have improved in dance is cool ???

  15. Linda Jones says:


  16. Xiauro Kim says:

    Jimin is so skilled omg, can’t stop looking at him.
    They all have improved so much as dancers, im so proud.

  17. Jenifer Ramos says:

    I’m so happy Rm and Jin improving so much. Not only that but Jin is killing those lines!!???

  18. Army I آرمي says:

    *1:38** jimin U OKAY ??!*

  19. Irene plzz be my mom says:

    *I hope people start appreciating Suga’s dancing skills, he’s actually a really good dancer. DON’T SLEEP ON HIS TALENT!*

  20. Barbi TheBookFae says:

    RM, my man is now a dance god. The effort it takes to move that lanky beautiful frame the same way as others is to be commended!!! ???

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