Chris Broussard believes Russell Westbrook should be traded to the Pistons | NBA | UNDISPUTED

Chris Broussard believes Russell Westbrook should be traded to the Pistons | NBA | UNDISPUTED

Chris Broussard joins Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe to discuss the Oklahoma City Thunder trading Paul George. and what it means for Russell Westbrook’s future. Hear why Broussard thinks Westbrook’s style of play will never win a championship and explains why the Detroit Pistons would be a good fit.

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Chris Broussard believes Russell Westbrook should be traded to the Pistons | NBA | UNDISPUTED

Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

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52 Responses

  1. Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED says:

    HEAT | PISTONS | KNICKS — Where would Westbrook be a good fit?

  2. Patrick Hernandez-Ball says:

    “I want that one on CRIMUH” – Unc Shay ??

  3. Alan Diaz says:

    Of course you wouldn’t like to play with him Skip , you averaged 1.6 points per game ?

  4. Alex Alvarez says:

    Chris Broussard: “My sources tell me OKC is looking to trade Russell Westbrook to the Vancouver Grizzlies”

  5. Adam Sed says:

    I’ve been watching undisputed for 1 year and what I’ve learnt from Chris Broussard is that what ever he says assume the opposite no cap

    • Sean Rojas says:

      He did say Kawhi would go to LA though eventually when he was still on the spurs.

    • x2ceyez says:

      Everyone and their dog knew he wanted to go to la, question was Lakers or Clippers, Brosauce was preaching him going to the Lakers for a minute

  6. Jonzee says:

    If Chris says it’s gonna be 100 degrees outside, wear a heavy winter coat

  7. cupko1986 says:

    “The East is not the West”-Chris Broussard

  8. Phronesis Olamide says:

    Pls let’s check if truly KD’s manager said so. Broussard can’t be trusted.

  9. TC L says:

    Breaking news: Chris is 99% unreliable.

  10. jay w says:

    Chris B. ” 99.5 Westbrook going to the Lakers ” . 10 mins later .. ” its a 50/50 between the Lakers and Okc ” … Westbrook lands in Miami ha

  11. Topolinho says:

    Yeah that Pistons spacing with Drummond who didnt even shoot from mid till last year, Blake who only started becoming an ok shooter the last couple of years and Westbrook who shoots like 7 threes a game on 25% shooting would be great in todays NBA. Why do they keep letting these type of guys speak.

  12. SNAKE says:

    Always liked Chris but honestly when it comes to his “sources” I don’t wanna hear it anymore

  13. ThatguyNice says:

    I spoke with one of Chris’ main sources. And the magic ?-ball said, “Try again.”

  14. Lovesick Jay says:

    He says pistons?? Now he’s gonna pull a fast one to the knicks for sure ?

  15. Sixeagles says:

    Sam Presti drafted Adams, Russ, KD, Harden, Ibaka, Reggie Jackson. Imagine what kinda monster he can build with all these draft picks the clippers (and Heat) gave him?

  16. Tef Poe says:

    “I’m trying to leave him alone so he can finish Space Jam”….LOL

  17. Ant Saund says:

    Like Chris Broussard said Russ only care about his stats. He jumping and pushing Steven Adams out the way for rebounds for that Triple-Double…come on man!

    • Rad Raad says:

      Ikr russ claims that he doesn’t care about his stats that he cares about “winning” that’s a load of horseshit. Russ only cares about his stats cause he knows he can’t win a game in the play offs

  18. Mateo Mayorga says:

    How can you be legend, if they trade for you and still don’t expect a ring?

  19. C D says:

    Shannon Sharpe: I tell you what…I want this game to be on Chrimuh….if this the game that’s gonna be on Chrimuh..I’m gonna be there. Yea”

    Nah…he the goat ??

  20. OKG2000 says:

    damn u can tell chris is a bit embarrassed from the whole kawai fiasco but to be fair EVERYONE got fooled

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