Chris Brown – Back To Sleep (Explicit Version)

Chris Brown – Back To Sleep (Explicit Version)

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20 Responses

  1. kitty cake says:


  2. Miss Navia Graham says:

    That’s wuz-up;) Janet Jackson made an R&B hit called, “No Sleep”. Now, my
    boi Chris Br33zy make a hit called, ” Back To Sleep”!!! #Priceless

  3. Bianca Natrice says:

    lucky bitch in the video????

  4. ebony essence says:

    oh myyy. his Nipples ? lol

  5. Daniel Ruiz Grob says:

    por fin nuevo tema

  6. Olga D says:

    love it

  7. melinda horn says:

    and most important he connected three videos…

  8. Ronan O'cainte says:

    I love the song thank you very much

  9. melinda horn says:

    Ooops 4 videos..

  10. Boh Freeman says:

    Reminds me of Sweet Love

  11. Ryan Napolitano says:

    yes breezy

  12. victoryagabrylle says:

    But why is Bae so fine. ?

  13. Enez Welch says:

    Nice Chris !!!

  14. salman kha says:


  15. bijou sagna says:

    ohhh best song of the year

  16. Edivânia Pontes says:

    parece uma porno

  17. Katelynn Barlow says:

    Nice song but I’d like to know how to get casted to be in these videos
    cause I’m tryna get like her and be in Chris’s videos getting my booty
    rubbed on

  18. Valesca silva says:


  19. Asya Jarrell says:

    Am i the only one that caught how liquor, zero, fine by me, and sex you
    back to sleep are like a movie. i love him ????

  20. Mimy Makuiza says:

    wow ?