Chris Brown – Fine By Me

Chris Brown – Fine By Me

Music video by Chris Brown performing Fine By Me. (C) 2015 RCA Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment

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20 Responses

  1. Anas Bellal says:

    grande cris continua cosi

  2. mary martin says:

    Chris brown ❤❤❤❤

  3. Takiyah Mike says:

    I love you chris!!you are amazingly talented

  4. Cameron Havenar says:


  5. MarihuanerosTV says:

    Que va chigüire eres tú en 3D, te queremos bulda Chris te amo te amo te amo
    eres el mejor papi♥♥♥♥♥♥

  6. Mario Beltran says:

    Absolutely AWESOME???

  7. Myiah Myiah says:

    I love this son already! I cannot wait till the album comes out!

  8. Corjai Taylor says:

    Yo this song was fucking awesome!!!. Also the choreography was amazing and
    i love it and can’t wait for more songs, Chris Brown you are the man.

  9. Aminah Blah says:

    I’m just speechless at this point.. Fuckin legendary??

  10. 811way says:

    Love it!!!! CBFAN4EVA:)

  11. Mike Kotze says:

    EFF beret?? xD

  12. Princess Blu says:

    Chris Brown is a very unique talented person…he is my inspiration

  13. Olivia Santos says:

    I saw it at 2 am and it had like 109 views and now it has 280k views

  14. CluelessJordan says:

    Chris brown is the new Michael Jackson.

  15. Morgan Reeves says:

    i think the video makes no since i don’t really like this at all tbh ?

  16. Lps best Cookie A MLP says:


  17. Mahmoud Bello says:

    Mr zero mahn??

  18. Valdez Santori says:

    As always talented, Chris has a lot to show for this idiots who just do
    jugar him, there is still plenty of talent to bring down those who try to
    put him down . Chris Brown ‘m really a fan …

  19. DENIS MF DOOM says:

    what a kick ass video

  20. Franco Sebastian Figueroa De La Fuente says:

    The best chris brown??