Chris Brown – Privacy (Explicit Version)

Chris Brown – Privacy (Explicit Version)

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20 Responses

  1. JagarumOfficial says:

    Who else is here before 1Million views?!

  2. GoodDope says:

    1st time: What is this shit man?
    2nd time: Not like first time
    3rd time: I think i like it bro
    4th time: Can some tell me how to get it out of my head ?!
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  3. Jihan R. says:

    Anyone else here true fan of Chris brown ,,before 500k views

  4. Steven Guess says:

    Wish he would just go back to making music like he did in the 00’s. I don’t like this song at all lmao.

  5. AN ELE says:

    Idc what anyone says about Chris or what he did in the past. This dude still the best performer today along with Usher etc. Chris can dance, rap, chorus sing.

  6. Your mate Chrisso says:

    Chris brown got a habit of putting his own songs at the start of each song haha

  7. Austin Appiah says:

    Chris Brown the typa nigga who could wear the tighest jeans and still move flexible in them ?

  8. Zebulon Green says:

    whose here before a million??

  9. Arianna Love says:

    Chris is a legend to Rnb and Hip hop ? he’s this generations Michael Jackson

  10. Rovena Vasku says:

    1:50 ????

  11. Isaiah Steward says:

    Who is watching this before 1M? Only true Chris Brown fans??

  12. Alain Bruno says:

    If you are watching this before 1mil you are the true fan of Chris Brown!??

  13. Jannaé Moore says:

    so we gon act like that girl doesn’t look like karrueche

  14. DJ Akademiks Mother says:

    Name an artist better than Chris Brown or Daddy Mikey and i’ll paypal you $10 rn

  15. Tito Dick says:

    Your music is so good, you could beat Rihanna, oh wait you already did.

  16. Mich Gra says:

    how is this woman beating peice of shit still famous. shame on every person who watches this.

  17. Shreddah says:

    How come this is on the trending page and logic isnt?

  18. ChrisBrown VEVO says:

    ☑️ Hey, We Have Finally 10,184,172 Members! So I Have A Small Surprise For You

  19. This IsUS says:

    My vlogs include $25 Amazon gift cards so subscribe to my channel so you can win????

  20. Annick Garrett says:

    Chris as got hot swagger who else saw it ???

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