Chris Brown & Tyga Talk Drake Beef, Amber Rant + Kylie!

Chris Brown & Tyga Talk Drake Beef, Amber Rant + Kylie!

Chris Brown & Tyga Talk Drake Beef, Amber Rant + Kylie!

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20 Responses

  1. TNG Entertainment says:

    When was drakes last hit………and im talking billboard not 106npark

  2. LaDale Moss says:

    How many times is this chick gonna say “you know your my friend, we close,
    we been close” I THINK WE GET THE POINT DAMN

  3. angel Butler says:

    Love this interview.. #Teambreezy

  4. madyson johnson says:

    this is a funny interview

  5. alexanderkenniethbam says:

    They are both high as fuck

  6. MrElprota says:

    Nothing against Nessa but this interview was TRASH……I respect Chris
    Brown as an artist but he wasnt saying shit in this interview……..,and
    Tyga?????? When is somebody gonna do us a favor and shoot that nigga a few

  7. RizzyWow says:

    23:35 Tyga like “Fuck my life, I’m going to Jail”.

  8. Ladie Libra says:

    This is why I don’t fuck with hot 97. This interview is wack and the
    interviewer is wack. Tyga will always be wack. Chris…just stfu you
    straight, but you still a lil nigga too with a lil nigga mentality. Tyga
    you got life and bullshit fucked up if you think people are interested in
    you right now for anything other than your garbage ass relationship with a
    child…lil nigga

  9. James David says:

    Chris was High or drunk or both in this interview. And I he’ll probably
    apologize for this interview as always when he fucks up or says some crazy
    shit, watch…Just wait on it

  10. MAHDYY MAHD says:

    sub me for sub back . my videos coming soon!!!

  11. Yo Merlin says:

    These guys gotta stop faking like they’re bloods. Quit stacking and all of
    that gang shit. It’s lame. 

  12. mg19498 says:

    These three are so retarded that the only thing missing are the sounds of
    dueling banjo’s in the background. America is doomed.

  13. Clyde Istrefi says:

    I don’t talk like this because I’m white but, two of the biggest bitch
    niggas in the game

  14. alexanderkenniethbam says:

    HAHAHA,they are funny though i kinda liked this interview 

  15. zilbra1 says:

    Chris should stop trying to be “hood” or “ghetto” , it looks ridiculous. I
    mean at the end of the day he makes music for teenage girls.

  16. Clyde Istrefi says:

    All I have to say is look at record sales.

  17. Aish says:

    Tyga is a peadoo 

  18. lakendra rosswilliams says:

    I fucking love them yo. Chris feeling nice, Tyga keeping a hunnit and ten.
    I love them. 

  19. Bone Wax says:

    can you niggers please say “nigga” more? I dont think 3 times in one
    sentence is enough. Oh and grats on being hypocritical fuck tards.

  20. Adek901234 says:

    Chris is drunk as fuck.