Chris Christie hugs Hillary Clinton

Chris Christie hugs Hillary Clinton

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20 Responses

  1. John Baumgartner (CaptainHobbyist) says:

    He should retort by showing a video of hillary at Trumps wedding….hahaha.

  2. Ronan&Adi says:

    Hey what’s up guys. I would really appreciate it if you came to my channel
    and checked our videos!!!! thank you guys!!!

  3. Ibrahim Abbas says:

    even that laugh is fake . ughhh

  4. genbabez says:

    Trumps lap dog ????

  5. Lay Low says:


  6. viperstrike0 says:

    im honestly a progressive politically but when people say Hillary is shrill
    its not because they are being sexist she is like sitcom lvl of shrill to
    the point where i think chandler from friends dated her

  7. Serjio's Hobby Channel says:

    This video coming out of trump had elected Chris as vp. They had this
    sucker ready and cnn would be playing it non stop.

  8. Trevor Freeman says:

    That cackle. Ugh, witch

  9. Aspire2Inspire says:

    guilty! lol

  10. oxymoron says:

    Oooh I’m tellin’ Donald. His bitch is cheeeatiiiiinn’

  11. Guy VanBuren says:

    Clinton is much stronger than trump

  12. Isaac Rouse says:

    Leave dillary alone! she’s my favorite Jizzz at night

  13. Naacal1111 says:

    Oh no!!! Retardicans with their iq of a damn chimp, will react emotionally
    as the cucks they are and shun this pink hog. Humancheeto2016¡¡

  14. iiswansongii says:

    New title suggestion: ‘chris Christie awkwardly hugs hillary clinton who
    was the one that initiated the hug and chris was being polite as possible
    even though he clearly didn’t want to.’ XD

  15. Billy H. says:

    She drunk?

  16. JohnnyValo says:

    Crooked Cackle

  17. TazziHusky says:

    aw gross

  18. Explicit Tech says:

    She’s a corporate shill and a liar.

  19. Top Secret Name says:


  20. Satanic Donkey says:

    See? This wouldn’t happen if Satan was here.