Chris Mannix believes Anthony Davis is ‘going to end up’ with the Celtics | NBA | FIRST THINGS FIRST

Chris Mannix believes Anthony Davis is ‘going to end up’ with the Celtics | NBA | FIRST THINGS FIRST

Sports Illustrated NBA Senior Writer Chris Mannix joins Cris Carter and Nick Wright to discuss Anthony Davis the trade rumors. Hear why he thinks the Boston Celtics are a more likely destination for AD than the Los Angeles Lakers.

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Cris Carter, Nick Wright and Jenna Wolfe team up on First Things First, a discussion and opinion-based studio program that covers all the headlines weekdays on FS1.

Chris Mannix believes Anthony Davis is ‘going to end up’ with the Celtics | NBA | FIRST THINGS FIRST

First Things First: Cris Carter and Nick Wright

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93 Responses

  1. First Things First: Cris Carter and Nick Wright says:

    Where will Anthony Davis play next season?

  2. Tyler Holt says:

    This dude looooves boston

    • Roland Koliyah says:

      +carpiedeim Nah Boston is the greatest racist city in America that pretend that they aint racists.

    • John West says:

      Roland Koliyah walk around as a white
      man in black neighbourhoods and see what happens. Some of the biggest racist in the us are black

  3. LeeTravius Mckay says:

    Didn’t Ad say he wouldn’t go to the Celtics he didn’t even have them on his list

    • therealestmc85 says:

      BootherJr but why would they not take the Lakers deal which is offering more.

    • bEASToUTtHEbOX says:

      *NEWS FLASH* It’s not up to AD where he wants to be traded since he is still under contract…

    • Jay Feely says:

      What are u talking about? AD can’t choose where he wants to go. He will be traded. Do u know how the league works? He can make a list all he wants. Pelz don’t have to accommodate him. They will trade him to wherever they want. If Boston gives them what they want then he will be in Boston til 2020 minimum.

    • Creux says:

      *Lmao yep, but these losers use the Paul George situation to validate their delusion.*

  4. MrKing8050 says:

    I think Mannix was trolling the Lebron lover with this one

  5. LeeTravius Mckay says:

    Maybe because players remember how the Celtics did IT

  6. Moboluwarin Ayeye says:

    The Celtics homer believing this , wow what a surprise

    • GP says:

      +Gregory Hayes exactly, Ainge is telling NOLA to wait till later because Davis value will drop in the offseason when he doesnt commit to a team. Then ainge gonna lowball with brown, rozier and picks. Lol, Nola getting fleeced by Ainge.

    • NATE DIAZ says:

      The same guy how said the Celtics would beat LeBron last year in the playoffs and he said the Celtics could beat the warriors this year hahahahahahahah

    • Hulkk Smashh says:

      Ronnie Alston Boston will trade him he won’t leave for nothing

    • Black Prizm says:

      +Charly Fritz They wont have to gut their roster to get AD if this happens after the trade deadline. Boston has better options to offer. But they will not offer much for a 1 year rental of AD. So therefore the Lakers will not be offering the Pelicans as much as they are offering now. They will give up some but not everything. Also not many of the Lakers players are really that much of a difference maker on a championship team while Lebron is on the team because of his playstyle. They will have cap for another max player or a few mid level all stars in free agency plus whoever they have left. It’s all up to AD. If he says he aint signing to Boston or Knicks etc then Lakers will offer up considerably less or the Pelicans can let AD walk for free or the Lakers wait another year for AD to come via free agency while still signing another max player and/or other allstars.

    • Charly Fritz says:

      +Black Prizm What? You just said yourself that not many Lakers players have much to offer but somehow they will offer less in the summer? You also say that the Lakers can just wait another year and get AD in free agency, that’s nonsense as well since Lebron will be 36 by then and the Lakers are on a the clock lol. And by the way Boston is just 1 example, there are 28 other teams that can make an offer and by your own wown words the Lakers don’t have a lot of players with much to offer smh

  7. BigHomieMEP says:

    So let me get this straight they trade Tatum and picks and maybe two more player for a one year player who says he not resigning if it’s not the lakers and kyrie might leave I’m lost

    • BigHomieMEP says:

      Coach Dude right kyrie leaving and now it’s to the point why did you give up IT for a three year dude

    • carpiedeim says:

      +BigHomieMEP because the Celtics knew better than anyone that his health wasn’t the best. I don’t think they knew just how bad it was, but mainly it went down because if you get a chance to sign a Super Star to your organization, your gonna take it, ecspecially if your Boston and can afford it.

    • DonPapi mo says:

      +Tomb413 Exactly. Idc what anyone says or how players feel, when you start winning, you start loving that team.

  8. Zoumiazga says:

    When was the last time Chris Mannix was right about anything? ???

  9. C Jizzle B.M.G. says:

    If u not woj then i dont believe you? aint he a celtics fan???

  10. Diogo Costa says:

    Chris Mannix has some sort of love affair with Danny Ainge, what doesn’t he understand? AD basically said he wanted to be a Laker and that he wouldn’t re-sign if he were to be traded to the Celtics so why would Danny Ainge give anything up for a guy who doesn’t want to be there plus we all know that Danny Ainge is a gm who will do anything in his power to better his chances at winning a ring even if that means back stabbing his players so that doesn’t exactly better the Celtics chances at getting AD

  11. Orenthal James says:

    celtics have won 1 championship in the last 30 years. Why do people think the Celtics pedigree matters to the young players in the NBA?

    • Ronnie Alston says:

      Arthas Menethil Boston have 17 14 came before 1980 in the past 40 years LA been the better franchise

    • Arthas Menethil says:

      Ronnie Alston without a doubt in the modern era, but they did have 9 straight which regardless of time is still very impressive. The Yankees have 27, but most of them came before the 70’s. The Red Sox have 5 I think since 2004. But I would still consider the Yankees a greater franchise. Plus basketball was invented in MA, and that’s where the hall of fame is. So it’s close, but if the Celtics win a couple chips before the Lakers now I would have to give them the edge. But right now it’s probably the Lakers. And I fear the worst might happen for the Lakers with this entire Lebron experiment. They won’t get to the playoffs this year, the Celtics will trade for AD. Kyrie is his close friend, and he will tell Him
      Lebron is a snake and doesn’t care about him just wants to use him. No free agents stars want to play with him, he gets hurt and old. And then he leaves not winning anything at 38 years old. And they become the Dallas Cowboys of the NBA. For years to come.

    • Ronnie Alston says:

      Arthas Menethil yeah but they won 8 striaght when there was less than 10 Teams in the League also LA definitely the greater Franchise because yes they have 1 more ring then the Lakers but when it comes to great players LA have 5 of the top 10-12 Greatest players ever and that don’t include the other great players the Celtics have 2 in the Top 10-12

    • Arthas Menethil says:

      True but I believe the Celtics have a couple more HOF. But the reason the Lakers have been a complete joke since 2012 is the passing of Jerry Buss, and phill Jackson, and Jerry West leaving. Jeanie Buss, and Magic are mediocre managers/owners. Wyk, and Danny Ainge plus Brad Stevens is much much better management than the Lakers. That’s why the patriots have become the best dynasty in nfl history, fantastic owner, best head coach of all time, and greatest qb of all time. The lakers had the best management in the NBA and now they are mediocre and that’s what helps create dynasties. Boston has the best management now then probably golden state which did a fantastic job at drafting, and signing free agents. Toronto is also very good. But Lakers and Knicks are baaad.

  12. Alberto Corona says:

    Lmao Mannix is getting so triggered with his Boston homerism ?

    • JSINmartini says:

      So ESPN should be charged with tampering.

    • Doctor Cthulhu says:

      Getting called out for hometown bias. I wouldn’t be surprised if he claim Boston is keeping Kyrie, getting AD, and then KD signs(for was less than the max) to play with them. “Because of Boston’s heritage from +30years ago”

    • Booski Leslie says:

      Nick Wright is doing the same thing for the Lakers

  13. S Silcott812 says:

    Chris mannix believing Anthony Davis is gonna be a Celtic surprise surprise

    • R. Fazor says:

      At the end of the day Ainge is not gonna give up his assets; why, he knows AD will only play one year with the Celtics and then go to LA…. everybody’s wasting time and energy on this (including me) – regardless of what happens, AD is going to Tinseltown (Ainge knows it deep down inside)… and if he does the pull trigger….

    • JSINmartini says:

      ESPN everybody like hating scumbags. And Paul POS gets away with tampering everyday on tv. Fk you all

    • Renatojr Absalon says:

      Why not.. the lakers already pullout kn trade talks..

    • NoCap 757 says:

      +R. Fazor if danny gets ad he wont go to la after a year big stars dont like jumping around like that trust me

    • Kenny Boudreaux says:

      +NoCap 757 Lebron’s been jumping around!

  14. kevin kwak says:

    lol this guy is a joke. Hes not credible for anything…

    • Punit Modi says:

      kevin kwak More credible than nick Wright

    • juju 32 says:

      Punit Modi Mannix is never right about anything. Nick constantly reminds us Lebron is the best player in the league and it’s a little too much fanboyism, but he’s not wrong.

    • Punit Modi says:

      juju 32 yeah but nick wright isn’t objective either, everything he says basically either supports lebron or dismantles warriors. His entire motivation in any basketball is how it effects lebron or how it helps lebron.

  15. t sanders says:

    KD was right about the circus that surrounds playing with Bron….

    • SuperPunch76 says:

      Michael Mazzocco Every team isn’t trying to give up the house for AD. Everyone knows AD wants to be in LA. This has been known since he signed with Klutch sports and Rich Paul. LeBron and Rich grew up together and are friends and LeBron also has stake in Klutch. I mean I don’t know how you can ask what does LeBron have to do with it?

    • Lou York City says:

      Michael Mazzocco , did you not watch the video?
      Did you not see that this video was about the Celtics and the Pelicans, yet somehow the Lakers were brought up by the analysts?

      T Sanders is correct. Durant was not lying.

      But I don’t expect LeBron Fanboys to understand that.

    • Lou York City says:

      Kelvin Guerrero

      My previous comment applies to you as well.

  16. Bryce Woodford says:

    Hmm. A Boston insider thinking Boston will get AD. Who saw that coming?

  17. MrRufusRToyota says:

    Lakers would be fools to mortgage their future for Davis. And Pelicans would be fools to believe Ainge will mortgage the Celtics’ future.

  18. apetheape9 says:

    Why would anyone want to play in Boston? They’ve had one ring in the last 30+ years…..
    Might as well say the Pistons are a Championship organization too

    • ryan123dxable says:

      Celtics literally won in 2008…. ? they have the most banners in the Nba too lol, do you even know basketball?

    • carpiedeim says:

      Boston’s the greatest sports city in the world.

    • franjes 99 says:

      Boston have more titles than anyone else that’s why plus rn they have one of the top 3-4 rosters in the NBA rn

    • jaydexe says:

      +ryan123dxable you obviously don’t understand what he’s trying to say. Won a mjaority of those championships in a league with 8 teams and the weakest era of basketball outside the 70s

    • ryan123dxable says:

      jaydexe you can’t judge players and teams for the era that they played in, Celtics and lakers are the biggest franchises and teams in the NBA if I was a pro player I’d want to play for them

  19. Nicolas brick says:

    Chris Mannix is full if BS and just pushing the Celtics narrative for Danny Ainge, gtfoh!

  20. rob 100 says:

    I’m starting to think celtics fans are almost as delusional as cowboys fans

    • Nate Cruz says:

      I mean, if you asked them they’d say losing 8 straight times to LeBron in the East is better than LeBron making the Finals 8 straight times and winning 3 titles.

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