Christina Aguilera – Change (Lyric Video)

Christina Aguilera – Change (Lyric Video)

“Change” by Christina Aguilera out now. For more information on this release visit Get it on iTunes:

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20 Responses

  1. maiosmusiclover says:

    You’ve made me cry Xtina. You’re the best. So kind of yours to donate the
    money for the victims. Love ya

  2. Jose Morales says:

    great song and voice . i like the video simply but amazing

  3. UwanaWhat says:


  4. Edgar Alan Carmona Reyes says:

    Such a wonderful song and obviously a wonderful voice. I don’t know why I
    decided to hear very late her discography more than her singles. I’m
    becoming a fan.

  5. czairee says:


  6. Naudia Villalba says:

    Damn we haven’t heard her sing like this in a while. This is incredible.

  7. LUQMAN JOHN says:

    finally our queen released her single!!

  8. André Luiz says:

    Que música linda! maravilhosa. ….

  9. Leonel Pozo says:

    cuanto te amo Xtina

  10. Zacharey Bowman says:

    amazing that’s all I can say!

  11. John Edward says:


  12. Marlon R. SuazoVEVO says:

    Wow a new single!!!

  13. Sara Marie says:

    Beautiful song

  14. esdras nuñez says:

    Xtina i love u ??

  15. David CM says:

    it’s so beautiful

  16. MAG Volta says:

    The song is beautiful. It sounds like an extra track from Lotus? yes. I was
    expecting a different sound. But is still a beautiful song

  17. Dennis Kent says:

    WHAT a song and WHAT a voice, DAMN! SO GOOD!
    It’s actually refreshing to hear a song like this amongst current pop

  18. Nicole Priedkalns says:

    Been waiting for 4 years……… was worth it

  19. Nahuel Martínez says:

    This is so beautiful??

  20. Raven Himura says: