Christina Aguilera – Twice (Audio)

Christina Aguilera – Twice (Audio)

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37 Responses

  1. SAMIIR MUSIC says:

    Heard this more than TWICE . The queen is backkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk <3

  2. J.J. Wolfe says:

    Suddenly feels like I’m 14 again and listening to Stripped. Amazing vocals.

  3. GINGERGREEN ' says:

    this is an instant classic. powerful, elegant, masterful 😭

  4. Ploypailin Phucharoen says:


  5. Bea Kiddo says:

    Things that are certain:
    1) Death
    2) Taxes
    3) Christina Aguilera slaying my entire life

  6. yosshu kan says:


  7. Pedro Aguillon says:


  8. LovaticMbnVEVO says:

    Queen , Love You <3

  9. Fabio Aug. says:

    She can sing in every single musical genre and still be fabulous, that’s what happens when you are this talented.

  10. Jessica Morales says:

    So good. Love it.

  11. Sue Santos says:

    This is AMAZING! I can’t believe in my ears! 😱😱😱😍😍😍😍😍

    • Bruna Medeiros says:

      Sue Santos Believe honey, she is awesome, and your ears are right. Both of us know this. I love her strong and powerfull voice. I try sing like her, but someone think that’s a goat screaming, I don’t cry, (maybe some tears roll down my face) I just accept and hear without sing (what is unfair) but I do my best lipsync.

  12. Mk.727 4D says:

    Well this is a hit

  13. Erick Renato Morales says:


  14. Justin Moore says:

    I’m happy and ready to give this song a thumb up. 🤡🤡.

  15. lui gee says:

    No other popstar from her generation has this talent and versatility. Sales don’t mean nothing now. Xtina is one the best out there no matter how her works perform commercially.

  16. zack parsley says:

    She is making a comeback with these songs!!

  17. هيا الصغير says:

    this is the real art

  18. Diego D.logrom says:

    Aly I Love you Song Hinoooooo !!!❤🔥#1

  19. AmyM& Beauty says:

    Yes!! Going to be just as iconic as beautiful and you lost me!! Hauntingly beautiful ballad! 😍👏👏🙌❤❤

  20. Andreza Liberato says:

    Chupaaa haters

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