CHVRCHES – Never Ending Circles (lyric video)

CHVRCHES – Never Ending Circles (lyric video)

Taken from the new album ‘Every Open Eye’ released 25th September – get the track instantly when you pre-order on iTunes: | Google Play: | Store: | Listen & Share on Spotify:

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20 Responses

  1. Thành Minh says:


  2. 14MAZ says:

    They did it again!! I can’t wait to listen the whole album!! :D

  3. LittleOnion says:

    This is pleasing my aural canals.
    Smash OMD and The Birthday Massacre together at high speed, et voila!

  4. Darren Hicks says:


  5. Trademark says:


  6. justaboyfromholland says:

    This is a gift from heaven bye

  7. Arnold Mogieliński says:

    Can this last for 3 days and not 3 minutes, please? F**KIN’ HELL. They did
    it again. SO HYPNOTIZING <3

  8. Jake Waltham says:

    Literally the only pop group that I love.

  9. Dennis Kwok says:

    I just CANNOT wait for the new album. Absolutely loving the stripped-back,
    but huge sound. Saw you last year in Newcastle and I will be there again
    this year, right at the front as always.

  10. Steve Guest says:

    Nice song and well produced, but they just need to be a tad careful not to
    repeat the same sound as the other stuff they`ve done previously, otherwise
    they could be classed, unfairly or not, as one -trick ponies. Id like to
    hear something a little more outside of the box perhaps. Big fan though.

  11. Jordan Hutcherson says:


  12. Laura Cabrera says:


  13. viviana ramirez says:

    God ppl are annoying. Artist get shit when they stray too far from their
    original sound and get shit when they stick to their style. WTF DO YOU PPL

  14. Shelly Melany says:

    Love it

  15. MattNOYB says:

    Is that Spotify link in the description supposed to be “Leave A Trace?” I
    was under the impression it would lead me to this song..

  16. gure ishi says:

    I’m so excited for this album you have no idea.

  17. Raamel walters says:

    Album please hurry up and be here. I love them. It always pleases me when I
    listen to their music.

  18. Judo Jenkins says:

    As much as I absolutely adore this band, they are still only my THIRD
    favorite Scottish band behind Cocteau Twins and Simple Minds.

  19. Knock Knock says:

    When I have doubts in my faith I go to


    No? Okay I’ll see myself out right after the song ends.

  20. Miguel Hernandez says:

    It’s alright.