Cissy Houston Breaks Silence on Bobbi Kristina’s Health w/ Shaila!

Cissy Houston Breaks Silence on Bobbi Kristina’s Health w/ Shaila!

Cissy Houston talks to Shaila about Bobbi Kristina’s condition.

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17 Responses

  1. sassyintrovert says:

    So basically, she knows it’s a done deal. In all honesty, there was no need
    for her to appear on the show. I guess for ratings but even that was
    misleading. Ppl expected to finally hear the HOUSTON side and Cissy said
    nothing anymore than the BROWNS.

  2. Danielle Charley says:

    I’m soo hurt this only little Whitney we got left this cant be happening i
    hope and praying hard that she pulls through!!

  3. Whitney Fan says:

    Cissy looks depressed. I know she says she is fine but I don’t believe her.
    If it’s Krissy’s time to go at least she will be with her mother.

  4. Sparkle says:

    Blank Starring* Can;t Believe this. I’m in great denial.
    God Bless & Be with Mama Cissy and the Houston
    and Brown Family. God is still ((ABLE))!!

  5. Latashi Lassiter says:

    That’s a strong women . They don’t build women like her and grandma no more
    . She’s been through a lot but she’s her work on earth isn’t done yet .

  6. David Richardson says:

    God bless Ms. Cissy Houston. Her daughter was wildly talented but haunted
    by the perils of drug use. Once her daughter was born, BK had begun to see
    the hectic and chaotic marriage between her parents it didn’t work out. By
    the time BK had grown up, her mother was no longer in her prime, and
    devastation (loss of powerful melisma, poorly received world tour,
    bankruptcy, etc.) led to more and more negative vibes leading towards a
    tragic end. BK always seem to have it rough due to the fact that she was
    close to her mother more than her father in the years following their
    divorce/split. And now she too is haunted. It’s a sad reality.

  7. Anika Kindred says:

    Cissy is beautiful and great spirits God continue to bless her and her
    family and bless krissy.

  8. evangelinem767 says:

    I know that she must be going through because she has been so strong. God
    do not put no more on you then you can bare and her faith is what keep her
    going. The interviewer was very great she did a great job. So good to see
    Mrs. Houston laugh through all this hard time she is going through God
    bless you Mrs. Houston and your family.

  9. evangelinem767 says:

    I think about how you never know what tomorrow will bring. Or what the
    future hold for you. Gerald Levert Father lost two sons. And he had to had
    Faith and knowing God would bring him through and one day he will see his
    sons again. You have to have faith in order to make it and that is what
    Mrs. Houston has Faith in God that is what keep her going knowing she will
    see Whitney again one day and she know that she already prayed for Bobby
    Kristina and she just left it in God’s hand. If you are going to pray you
    should not worry. God did not design our body’s to take stress or to worry
    you have to give it all to God and he will work it out. That is what keep
    Eddie Levert going and Cissy Houston going.

  10. calaragazza says:

    Bobbi Kristina wants to be with her mother. She died the same day her
    mother died. She even said that she would’ve followed her mother and that’s
    exactly what she did.

  11. Sylvia Hamilton says:

    Wow….so very sad

  12. Jay Young says:

    Does anyone else besides myself think there’s a strong resemblance between
    Oracene Price and Cissy Houston, mother of the late, great Whitney
    Houston? I seem to see a resemblance in facial expressions, especially
    when you can see Oracene at tennis tournaments watching her famous

  13. Latasha W says:

    May God bless Cissy Houston & Bobbi Kristina. Stay strong Cissy

  14. Dirlene Rangel says:

    Mama Cissy is a woman of God and of the Lord who comes, your fortress!! I
    Love You Mama Cissy!! God will do the best to Krissi!! God bless all
    Houstons!! <3 <3 NBL <3 <3

  15. Melva Bishop says:

    What grace Cissy Houston carries. Her faith is unwavering and she is a
    light for all to follow in great example of perseverance and strength that
    God has given to her. God Bless her…she is a rock!

  16. Doreen Juliet says:

    When you have a personal relationship with God, even in the worst situation
    ever, even when u walk through nails, you will have that peace that
    surpasses all understanding!! Mama Cissy has grown up with that personal
    relationship with God thus her strength.. Her silence was worrying me but
    hallelujah, the Lord is your strength!! We won’t get tired praying for your
    grand daughter!! I love your good attitude!!

  17. hsbthree says:

    I wish this was longer. We want more!