Cleaning Dancing Roommate

The day after our Halloween Party, I woke up to this…

Tw: jimmy_the_pope
IG: jimmythepope
#cleaningdancingroommate #willworkforpants #willdanceforpants

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19 Responses

  1. Born Here says:


  2. shaququ says:

    lol, nice choreography, smooooth ;)

  3. jercommm says:

    In the pre 21st century your comment was called penis envy.

  4. F Mulholland says:

    Does he do windows?

  5. kyREc0n says:


  6. Astarte45 says:

    Feminist or not, gender expectations or not, this man is being true to
    himself and what we’re seeing is a rare ‘feel good’ moment.

    Can’t we just accept that he’s greatly enjoying himself, and keep a lid on
    the judgmental comments?

    I’m actually really happy to see someone simply enjoying himself doing what
    would usually be a mundane activity.

  7. Love2 Hike2 says:

    I absolutely love this. More people should be in the moment and be as happy
    as he was. Doing something mundane like housework, having fun, acting
    silly…we’ve all been there and I for one simply loved it for what it
    was…getting caught…priceless…Like one person said…we’d all be
    committed at one time in our life for acting silly and simply having a
    laugh, if our day to day activities were videotaped…he and his music made
    my evening and good on him for having FUN and being HAPPY.

  8. Mr Seriously says:

    Am I the only one who don’t understand redditor?

    They are everywhere and they are way too proud.
    “le reddit army is there” or I’m a redditor”
    Do we need to know it? Does it change something?

    And they think they are funny with teir “jokes” if we can call that jokes.

    Or maybe it’s simply me who don’t get it

  9. John A says:

    I do this while stoned. It’s honestly a lot of fun and makes the time fly
    by plus I usually don’t give a shit what other people think when they see
    me :P

  10. x0saturn0x8 says:

    He should be Ellen’s new Gardener! Or maybe house keeper :P

  11. Nick Boutilier says:

    How did this video become a thing about men and women and who cleans?
    literally anyone dances when they clean, what are you suppose to do just
    stand there and clean? nah

  12. sranjesuper says:

    and why is this viral again??? this probably happens in 1/20 households at
    any given time

  13. Arty Von Sniff says:

    This has to be staged. Surely no one is that gay!? 

  14. Jennifer N says:

    Aw what a cutie

  15. Harper Bush says:

    Wellllll I just think this is hilarious and adorable and I love it!

  16. Alan Aurmont says:

    Are you gay? Are you single? Could you come clean my house too? I have a
    great selection of music and vinyls too. Let me know. K bye.

  17. Paulyn Habijan says:

    HAHAHAHA! So cute xD

  18. SamuraiTougedrift says:

    what do I need to do to go viral…..for real this is ridiculous!

  19. skyieeeeeee says:

    want him to clean my house! Lmao