Clemson routs Alabama for 2nd CFP National Championship in 3 years | College Football Highlights

Clemson routs Alabama for 2nd CFP National Championship in 3 years | College Football Highlights

Trevor Lawrence throws for three touchdowns and 347 yards, while the Clemson defense forces two Tua Tagovailoa turnovers, as the Tigers rout the Alabama Crimson Tide 44-16 for the first 15-0 season to win the national title.

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68 Responses

  1. will new says:

    Clemson vs The University of ESPN

  2. Donte H says:

    How quiet was that Alabama bar at the end of the game??

  3. Junkman2000 says:

    Damn…. Clemson beat Alabama down to the white meat.

  4. Harry McGauley says:

    tua getting abused by his dad tonight lol

  5. {peen} Willis says:

    As an Alabama fan, Dabo has such a fun way of coaching while nick is so serious. Nick makes the team feel like they have to win the championship and that’s their only goal while Dabo makes his team feel like they should have fun and just get better. Personally I agree with Dabo’s way because it lets the kids enjoy college football while they can and clearly it’s working

  6. MaCeo Millions says:

    Clemson is Alabama’s kryptonite ?

  7. NBA News and Rumors says:

    This man didn’t have one interception, he had TUA them

  8. ShoNuff215 says:

    Trevor is definitely a #1 pick. Has the size & arm… he looks like sunshine from remember the titans

  9. Baltimore Z-Wad says:

    U know Jalen Hurts was secretly smiling

  10. Clip That Shit says:

    Bama got whipped like a 5 year old in Kmart!

  11. jtg1124 says:

    Notre dames defense looked better than bamas against Clemson. Lmfao

  12. matthew foster says:

    I love it. Bama got smoked! The tide got rolled.

  13. Jaydon C says:


  14. Social Geezer says:

    Looks like Alabama needs some “Tide” to wash this loss ?

  15. Mateja Jovanovic says:

    This is what we call an asswhooping

  16. FearsomeTaco says:

    I’m a Razorback fan who has nothing to brag about but, I’m glad someone put a beat down on Alabama.

  17. Just Sayin says:

    Bama got beat like a redheaded step child

  18. Johnjohn Braxton says:

    Poetic justice for jerking Hurts around and disrespecting that kid. ?Alabama Football

    • Johnjohn Braxton says:

      +A1since Day1 no I just know vs when I see it and what they did to him this past summer is foul . Anyone could see that. Related or not

    • Red Pill Nation says:

      The guy is a weak qb, and we won’t be seeing him on Sunday’s

    • C P says:

      Not a Alabama fan, but that’s a bad point. Clemson did the same thing and they were rewarded with a natty?? It would be unfair to the rest of the team to not play your best players. Athletes understand this. It’s not disrespect, just competition.

  19. Pierre Powers says:

    someone said Alabama belonged at the championship the scoreboard shows different. someone said Alabama was number 1 because there the best but because they played noone they were undefeated. college football is as rigged as the nfl period

  20. Ellis Guerrero says:

    *The moment Drake wore that Alabama hoodie, is the moment Alabama’s defense collapsed* #bigfacts

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