Join Click as we go full Dude Perfect and compete in an obstacle course of trick shots to see who is the fastest!

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54 Responses

  1. yeet ur mom says:

    Look at Elliott wearing the Misfits merch ? I knew they actually loved each other

  2. Manne Moberg says:

    Why did it say “Lazar and Cray move on” when Bazz and Lufu made the hat toss????

  3. Nova 6 says:

    8:36 had no clue buzz and lufu were actually Lannan and cray

  4. Mr. Seftyy says:

    Bazz and Lufu: *Miss*
    Bazz: “Does it count does it count does it count?”
    Nervous adjudicator: “ummm yes?”

  5. Dhairya Ailani says:

    Lazarbeam and Cray: Bloody legends
    Bazza and Lufu: Wholesome couples
    Muselk and Marcus: Trihards

  6. Jude Kenny says:

    Baz i have a question…

    What’s the capital of France ??

  7. Molly Jordan says:

    I thought the ping pong balls were cheese puffs until they started throwing them ?

  8. Brandon Landston says:

    It wouldn’t be throwing TOAST into the toaster, it would be BREAD!!!!?????

  9. Epicness Lord says:

    Eh? Muselk takes the stairs but constantly claims he is unfit
    Marcus takes the lift but he is always at the gym.
    Someone explain?

  10. King Common says:

    I’m glad that the teams weren’t the same as always like
    Bazz, and Cray
    Lannan, and Elliot
    Kath, and Marcus

    • A⃠s⃠p⃠h⃠a⃠l⃠t⃠ 9 G⃠j⃠h⃠ says:

      King Common umm you meant cray and Elliot kath and bazz Marcus and lannan

  11. Box head Jeff says:

    LuFu has the best inspiration


  12. Sewance says:

    Elliot and Marcus are the only ones that didn’t cheat with standing up at the paper trowhing competition. It’s way harder when you sit

  13. Ahmed says:

    Anyone else realize bazz was left hanging by Lufu at 10:08?
    Lufu why you gotta do bazz like that? ?‍♂️

  14. Lefa Chitah says:

    8:34 on the screen: Lazar and Cray move on
    In Real Life (IRL) Bazz and lufu move on

  15. Arielx DexteRz says:

    By day he’s Elliot by 3:00 AM with all the Fortnite sweats he’s MUSELK

  16. Kevin Paul says:

    Bazz:Why are you doing two at a time Kath?
    (Kath nails both the flips ath once)

  17. 100 subscribers with One video? says:

    Elliot’s merch clearly isn’t comfortable coz he’s never wearing it

  18. Kule Johannes says:

    This is basically dude perfect without clipping out all the failed shots

  19. Mr Leaked says:

    I know a really good YouTuber his name is kobinator1 I think

  20. El mundo según Paulo says:

    Lazarbeam ur my favorite I love u bro u the best I didn’t now u were from click me love lazarbeam

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