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45 Responses

  1. Kirsty K9 says:

    Mus(el)k the el stands for Elon
    And the rest of the letters spell musk ??

  2. IceWallowCom says:

    Muselk: Is humble
    Also Muselk: Brags about being humble

  3. Panda's Void says:

    No one:
    Absolutely no one:

    Lazarboom: “that’s my sister…”

  4. Rikuto Koo says:

    Asking cray about women
    I know him
    Wait you called woman him well
    You failed

  5. Fuze da boi says:

    What if she didn’t kill anyone irl but did in a game(fortnite)

  6. Captain America says:

    Elliot: “I have more views than Lannan”
    Lannan’s face: Are you sure about that

  7. hell o says:

    Tanner: Are you a lady’s man

    Cray: My room is filled with condoms

    Me: and this video still has ads

  8. Darkavenger Gaming says:

    I got the feeling Marcus and Lufu were so invested in this

  9. D Rohr says:

    Why was Cray so depressed in the outro

  10. TheTiggyTiger says:

    I would love for Tannar to be in more Click videos!!!!! ?

  11. franswilh says:

    Lannan “thats my sister”
    and meanwhile lannan is dating elliots sister

    • Can’t think of a name says:

      Sunny Gando the women in the video is Lannans sister

    • Blue Shark says:


    • HaleJason says:

      Can’t think of a name to be a good friend to my boi boi is the season for ya next year to join me a friend of mine and I can go to get my friends to join me and I can go to get my friends to join me and I can go to get my friends to join me and I can go to get my friends to join me and I can go

  12. Crock Adile says:

    Lanan is the best looking

    I’d smash but no homo
    Like totally smash

  13. John Doe says:

    *Imagine living with Elliot*
    Lannan is savage

    Yes I did like my own comment

  14. FlamingPossum says:

    tannar said wholesome so many times

    dictionary: the defenition of wholesome is tannar’s favourite word

  15. Timbo365 says:

    Tannar: did you ever feel sexually attracted to a click member
    Bazz: no of course not
    Cray: *quietly cries in backround*

  16. JDC says:

    No body:
    Absolutely no one:
    Tannar: *WHOLESOME*

  17. i'm a yeeter says:


    lufu must feel cheated on

    But she’s just laughing away the pain

  18. Boy _Best says:

    Cray would make a great dr eggman in the new sonic movie

  19. Clanman says:

    A Really Good One

    -Did LoserFruit Murder Lachlan

  20. dark place says:


    Literally no one on The universe

    Tannar: “takes glasses off”

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