Climate Change: The View From MinuteEarth | #OursToLose

Climate Change: The View From MinuteEarth | #OursToLose

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Want to learn more about the topic in this week’s video? Here are some keywords/phrases to get your googling started:
greenhouse gases, climate change, radiative forcing,


Script Editor: Alex Reich (@alexhreich)
Video Illustrator: Ever Salazar (@eversalazar)
Video Director: Alex Reich (@alexhreich) and Henry Reich (@minutephysics)
With Contributions From: Kate Yoshida (@KateYoshida), Emily Elert (@eelert), Omkar Baghat (@TheCuriousEnggr) and Peter Reich
Music by: Nathaniel Schroeder:

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20 Responses

  1. Lee Hong Hui says:

    Now In Singapore,there is a haze problem a few months ago in here.Companies
    were burning forests to clear land for other uses.

  2. Boredness says:

    Like politicians give a shit

  3. Laxativepie says:

    Here in San Diego, we forgot what fresh water looks like

  4. Gloworm Sparkle far says:

    did it.

  5. julio sandino says:

    California here, guys. Please send water.

  6. jmcwd says:

    Who dislikes this video?? What’s their problem??

  7. aakash chhabra says:

    No one can save India….. Worst country

  8. Spoods The Milkman says:

    Here in Australia my school had to keep everyone inside because it was like
    40-50º outside and yesterday the school had some power problems due to the

  9. Captain_ but says:

    Denmark tons of rain an wind

  10. Get Shrekt says:

    Dont fuckin tell me what to do

  11. purple deep says:

    in india farmers burn land to regenerate nutrients and its leads to a thick
    blanket of smoke which gives me allergic reaction

  12. Ben Grayzel says:

    Fuck yeah guys! This video will change the world, maybe only in a small
    way, but every bit helps in this global issue we face. Keep up the good

  13. Brian Will says:

    ?Climate change, this is funnier than, well, now that I think of it,

  14. Dave M says:

    This isn’t science. This is propaganda. There is a tiny minority of state
    funded scientists pushing this to control people and limit Liberty. Stating
    that weather events are “getting worse” is a lie. Do yourselves a favor and
    stick to science.

  15. Michael Garner says:

    Really, the gist of what they were saying was redistribution of
    precipitation and water.

  16. OfficialWindwraith77 says:

    We tried that, it’s called the Kyoto Accord….. That didn’t work also you
    have to go at the biggest producers of commercial goods, China,
    Indonesia… But they don’t care (their governments). China, for example
    will only listen if the entire world boycotts them completely. With how
    things are now, no country can do that and survive (a LARGE volume of goods
    are produced by them that your nation is going to have to get or make).

    Question, what are the planet’s ellipse (orbit shape) and tilt at? Also,
    what is happening with the solar cycle?

    In reality, these three things determine the average temperature of the
    planet (plus the occasional volcano), not the GHG emissions the human race

  17. Mat Rathbone says:

    Veganism really does seem like the best way to handle climate change.

  18. Imran Harun says:

    Can you a make minute earth on veganism?

  19. illuza says:

    I signed

  20. RGC 892 says:

    It’s already hot here in the Philippines, AND IT’S EVEN HOTTER NOW

    Screw Christmas, We got a HOT one