Clinical United Too Strong for the Gunners | Arsenal 1-3 Manchester United | Emirates FA Cup 2018/19

Clinical United Too Strong for the Gunners | Arsenal 1-3 Manchester United | Emirates FA Cup 2018/19

Alexis Sanchez, Jesse Lingard and Anthony Martial were all on hand to help Manchester United beat Arsenal in an enthralling encounter.


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96 Responses

  1. OG Cookie Monster says:

    Only Arsenal defense can manage to turn Lukaku into Messi within 2mins

    • Bruce Lee says:

      wtf hahahahahaha

    • Alexander D says:

      Best com =))

    • hellen oladipo says:

      +Sameer Alam but your shit you was 11 points above us before and in 6 games were on the same amount of points that says a lot

    • saintly sinner says:

      more indian punters thinkin that they’re real fans..i blame the f.a for allowing our premier league to be whored out to ppl 1000’s of miles away..makes me sad punters dnt have the right to call man utd,man city,lpool,chelsea or arsenal “WE” ..that is a birthright to mancs,scousers and cockneys not you lot…they dnt represent you ,learn it you bunch of wanabee plastic will always be punters with invalid opinions..always

  2. Nelson San Juan Bustos says:

    Alexis Sanchez ????

  3. Vibhansh Gupta says:

    MUFC 3 : 1 BANTER FC

    • Gerald Potkah says:

      ??????? nice one!

    • JEH Ytube says:

      Actually it would be banter fc 1-3 mufc

    • saintly sinner says:

      +Hunter Javex your just a punter,not a supporter..lpool has 18 league titles and 5 CL they changed the name,so fukn wot punter? Man utd 0 BARCLAYS prem leagues ,yes 0 ,ya get me punter..all u gloryhuntín assian punters avent a clue..even about ya “adopted” team’s history…you aint a fan,you never will be..just a plastic cunt who knws fuk all.,man utd represent the city of manchester and it.s people…everyone else is just a punter like you.

    • Scaro says:

      Smelly curry cunt, go fetch water in your shithole country

  4. Warclyffe 16 says:

    United is too strong for Arsenal?

    • unavailable says:

      +moondee lundee are you autistic

    • Interlagoze HD says:

      Luddesnubben dam a lot of people have that picture

    • saintly sinner says:

      +Luddesnubben yea and 7pts of top 3 and also 12pts of top 2 and guess what,16pts of top ?..lpool and city are head n heels above the rest who are just fightin for scráps

    • Luddesnubben says:

      +saintly sinner So are Arsenal, and that was literally the point in my first comment. That United are way too good for Arsenal as proven in this match.

    • saintly sinner says:

      +Luddesnubben yes so are arsenal,and so are chelsea and spurs..both utd and arsenal are now domestic cup teams unable to win a CL or the prem..micky mouse trophies as labelled by utd fans 20yr ago..AF didnt even bother defending the fa cup one year,didnt enter it lol says alot about how important he thought it was don’t u think?

  5. FC Bayern Cloud 9 iwnl says:

    Manchester United is back!

  6. Soham Karkhanis says:

    Please end the highlights with full time whistle.

  7. Fy 20 says:

    Romero was amaizing,great saves by argentinian internacional

  8. jake smith says:

    Ramsey was by far Arsenal’s best player, will be nice to see him head off to play for a proper football club in the summer!

  9. Marioarkham 15 says:

    We won with romero Alexis and lukaku. Whats you excuse now?. I tell ya. Sanchez has been crap for 12 months but it was worth the wait. Scoring and celebrating against arsenal at their own ground?????

    • Reece says:

      +Graeme +1 For the past year I’ve been saying to everyone they’ll come good once Mourinho exits, and look what’s happened.

    • Graeme says:

      Reece Same. It drove me mad the amount of people who were actually going in on pogba when mourinho was obviously holding him back

    • Reece says:

      +Graeme yep, have you heard some pundits asking why he didn’t play like this under Mourinho, do they not realise he had no freedom under him or something?? I love listening to people who have no clue ?

    • Graeme says:

      Reece I have. Some of these pundits are clueless, drives me crazy

    • Reece says:

      +Graeme same pal same, glad someone has a clue

  10. 20XsTV says:

    What a back up Romero is

  11. AdieuPierrette says:

    that Pogba run ?

  12. YoTeam Channel says:

    To my fellow United fans, let this sink in for a minute:

    Winning 8 games on the trot
    Ole became first manager to win his first 6 PL games straight
    Rashford proving Mbappe’s not the best young talent on the planet
    Sanchez scores against his former club
    Mustafi came on, Lukaku turns into Messi (2 assists)
    Bailly put Aubameyang in his pocket
    Lingard didn’t want to hug Lukaku and moonwalk inside Emirates 2:37
    People now say ‘it’s only Arsenal and Spurs’
    Neymar is injured and can’t play against us
    Pogba 7 games 5 goals 4 assists

    Just give Ole a permanent deal

  13. Des Sama says:

    I’m an Utd fan and it kinds of piss me off to see other Utd fans laughing at others. Please remain humble and don’t grind back your level to those who has been mocking United when we were struggling

    • saintly sinner says:

      you’re a plastic gloryhuntin indian punter..,you.ll never be a real utd fan..that’s somethíng u acquire throu birth and growing up going the game..not throu a t.v. a few years’re a punter not a fan just like the other indian punters on are all just over-opinionated fools who decided to be a fan(punter) not so many years ago when our f.a. whored out our game and our clubs to naive india..and you all bought ínto it with t.v. subscriptions and footy shirts…..ídiots

    • Jimmy Jemal says:

      Yes be Humble. Ferguson was. Win and lose with dignity. That’s what makes utd great.

    • Carl Brown says:

      People love to see man utd lose cause they are JEALOUS of our success so to all the haters out there Man utd are back DEAL WITH IT ?. MAN UTD FOREVER

    • MrAnth69er says:

      Fuck off mate it’s what football fans do, we cheer our own and laugh at others, grow some balls and have a laugh and cheer that we won

    • danny worsnop says:

      +Hugo Gonzalez nah.there are stupid fans behind every’s all about glory,that’s why they hate ’em

  14. Wayne BM says:

    That heartwarming moment when you see Martial and Rashford coming on instead of Feillaini and McTominay ♥

  15. Adrien D says:

    I love how Sanchez shut down the entire Emirates stadium

  16. TheoKabala89 says:

    I’ve seen United score the same goal on the counter against Arsenal for the last 10 years. They never seem to learn.

  17. Adrian Eranzi says:

    It’s funny how Banter’s fan booing Sanchez, clearly they’re not grown ups. Look man Man United fans, did we boo Mkhitaryan? No. Did we boo Ronaldo? No.

    • Gbenga Benedict says:

      +victor9999hugo I understand your point
      I’m a Chelsea fan
      I was only saying Sanchez and mhki situation were different when leaving their respective clubs

    • Adrian Andan says:

      Poulsen Jackson hoe do we think we are the best in the planet??? Every time we lose or draw a match the comment section on aftv is full of Man U fans laughing no matter what position they themselves are in. They troll more than spurs fans who are our main rivals and seem so obsessed with our team. Feel sorry for the proper fans who have to deal with this.

    • Adrian Andan says:

      Chijioke Nwaogbe and walcott

    • Adrian Andan says:

      MidgetAbsol children?? Says the ones who were laughing for us for drawing to wolves while they were 7th with minus goal difference earlier in the season

    • RG- Gamer says:


  18. Ahmed Shahir Usmani says:

    Look at Mata at 5:58 he is on the bench mostly but still looking happy. That’s called man management. Every coach at this level knows how to build a strong tactics but man management is solkjaer’s best strength.

    • inJoker says:

      +Tony nova nope. In this match ole know arsenal will playing agressive like in the last time, maybe he thought playing counter attack is good against them, ofc ole will put players who can run like an horse (lingard, sanchez, martial, and rashford)

    • Tony nova says:

      +Ahmed Shahir Usmani I was talking about Mata and he had to bring Young up

    • Tony nova says:

      +inJoker The comment is about Mata not style of play you brainless fucking idiot what are you talking about

    • saintly sinner says:

      lmao..another clueless punter…idiot

    • James Washington says:

      ​+Tony nova this is why i say some people don’t deserve to support the giants/big teams.
      you plastic glory-hunters always disrespect your own players, even if they give so much to your club.
      who scored the free-kick against juventus, huh? fernandinho is how old? yet he is the best cm in the prem.
      mata is a quality player. be grateful, plastic faggot.
      also, stop liking your own comments. it makes you look insecure.

  19. Kennedy Kariuki says:

    It’s only Mourinho who can stop,Pogba and Lukaku???

  20. Kaushik Maharaj says:

    Did anyone else cry a little when they saw Rashy and Martial ready to come on??❤

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