Clinton: ‘Much Better’ After Leaving 9/11 Event

Clinton: ‘Much Better’ After Leaving 9/11 Event

Hillary Clinton unexpectedly left Sunday’s 9/11 anniversary ceremony in New York after feeling “overheated” and retreated to her daughter’s nearby apartment. As she exited the apartment shortly before noon, Clinton said, “I’m feeling great.” (Sept. 11)

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20 Responses

  1. André André says:

    I don’t say if if like Trump or not. But i say, that we should never
    critisize anybodys declining Health. Health is the the most treasure we all
    have. All the good to you Mrs. Clinton. – And all the good to you Mr.
    Trump. Apart of any political preferences, i wish America all the best.

  2. Reprobate Mind says:

    as she leaves in her make-shift ambulance.

  3. Ox Pajama says:

    Why is this trending but the vid of her collapsing is not? YT is not

  4. Dahvoun says:

    Isn’t Pneumonia contagious? Why is she literally hugging a little girl

  5. Bach Lati says:

    Hey trump worker how much trump paying you to put dirt on hilary.what a sad
    job you have media found out that Trump is paying people to
    put comments videos conspiracy, theories against hilary clintong.

  6. shav12 says:

    Come here little kid come get this pneumonia

  7. Tito Ortega says:

    They obviously have drugs “medicine” that can cure just about anything…
    They just give it to those corrupt people with a shit ton of money…
    Dr. Drew was right about this bitch!!
    She goes into office you can bet, a majority of us are going to be murdered
    by her “rule”
    Hell im a Mexican I. Support of trump because I rather see our nation
    succeed then fall to ashes by this cunt

  8. awsm says:

    y’all know those blue lenses are to keep her from having a seizure right?

  9. Eduardo Rivera says:

    Collapsed on her own foot-print.

  10. marxxmann says:

    So we have a candidate who’s evidently physically ill, and another
    candidate who’s beyond mentally ill………damn I miss Bernie :(

  11. Crestie Gecko says:

    I feel sorry for the little girl that hugged her lol

  12. Munch Story says:

    lol that picture with the kid was supper akward. Like how she leaves the
    kid second after the picture was taken. #GETOUTTAHEREKID

  13. Maigus224 says:

    If she has phnmonya like that said then why the fuck is she being that
    close to a child it is contagious. so now we have ether they are lie about
    condition or they don’t give a dam about that child and are willing to kill
    children as long as she looks good.

  14. Isaiah Baughman says:

    Should anyone really be voting for a sick person, mean she obviously is not

  15. John M says:

    I worked in nursing homes for years and have seen this many times. It is
    the death spiral. Each event will get more intense and closer together. In
    addition to brain things, she is likely suffering from Congestive heart
    disease, like her mother. And my mother. Same hacking episodes, blurping up
    green volkswagons, and fainting all over the place. The seizing in front of
    adoring reporters is an extra feature my mother did not experience. She
    just had CHD. There is NO recovery in the future. Just down.

  16. royal pollard jr says:

    so she get a cough and everybody her for it. hell I’m not sick and I still
    have coughing fits. I don’t get it.

  17. Samuel Lockwood says:

    of course this is “trending” but not her lifeless corpse being dragged into
    a van

  18. I'm really tall and skinny says:

    THIS is trending but the multiple videos of her almost collapsing aren’t
    despite having way more views??

  19. illogical input says:

    Is it to late to change the nominees?

  20. Hey Homie says:

    Trump {U}niversity. = ❌
    Trump {S}teaks. =❌
    Trump {A}irlines. =❌
    Trump U S A. =*_* ❓