Extreme up close tornado in Madill Oklahoma on April 22, 2020. This tornado damaged town structures and lofted trees into the air before transitioning to a rope phase. Many people observed a rainbow with this tornado. Moments after the tornado struck, the sky was blue and sunny. Unfortunately it was reported that at least one person has lost their life from this twister.

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54 Responses

  1. BLACK05GO1 says:

    Wow, you were really in “the spot” right under the tail hook (dry street, no rain, right behind it/under it). Great intercept.

  2. Makxzy Run says:

    0:47 the power flash!!!!!! : () incredible!!

  3. aerorain says:

    “How close are you gonna get this time dude??”
    Pecos Hank: *Yes*

  4. Kryptic says:

    Rest in Peace to the confirmed fatality from this tornado. My prayers and condolences go out to their family

  5. crankylifter says:

    Reed Timmer is screaming at the tornado gods somewhere why he wasn’t the chosen one.

    • Storm Angelus says:

      Because even the tornado knew real talent when it saw one… and Reed ain’t it.

    • Redmist 2004 says:

      I say right place right time

    • Storm Angelus says:

      @tj tj Reed Timmer had to spend tens of thousands of dollars on equipment and get corporate syndication to get any degree of real tornado work, not to mention he abuses his team members. Hank does that with less than 10k investment & experience. Reed may get good tornadoes, but he destroys as much as the tornadoes do to get the shots. Hank flows with the current rather than bulldogging his way to them.
      Last I checked, it’s not Reed’s shots gracing the cover of a movie DVD.

    • Kurt says:

      @Storm Angelus “abuses his team members” lol. By all accounts Reed is an upstanding dude. People dogging reed here are really reaching.
      But yes. Hank gets the absolute best footage.

    • Samantha Souza says:

      Kurt agreed and reed did get some footage the same day. Hank hands down has the best cameras and is great to watch.

  6. Ben Bryson says:

    “Pretty damn close”
    – Pecos Hank, 2020, while driving closer to the tornado

  7. Aleks says:

    Hanks brain: *worringly* oh it’s close….


  8. elide says:

    2:10 look far down the road at all the electricity, can hear it buzzing through the wires near the car too, amazing footage mate keep safe

  9. NinjaMoley says:

    I can’t believe how close you got to this one. Be careful my dude.
    Also, amazing shots!

  10. Meg says:

    me if i saw a tornado: **runs as fast as i can**
    hank: **casually goes inside it**

  11. Aerox ⁣ says:

    **Tornado sees Hank chasing after it**
    Tornado: “Teeheehee! 🤭 I’m in danger!” **Giggles** 🤭

    Hank: **Gets stuck behind a roadblock** “Okey, this is about as far as I can go”

    Tornado: 😋 *”Blhrlhrlhlr!”* 😋
    **Skips away while doing pirouettes over a rainbow**

    (This comment was inspired by the one originally posted by the user “The Diamond Fish”)

    • Marc Brown says:

      More than one Emojis doesn’t make a comment any more funny. This is like plastering “XD XD XD XD” all over. Not funny really.

    • Aerox ⁣ says:

      @Marc Brown I didn’t add more emoji’s to make it more funny, I added emoji’s to indicate when in the text the reader should mentally picture the current “character” to have a certain facial expression.

      Stretching out your tounge – 😋
      **making that blhrlhrlhr-sound**
      Still having the tounge out – 😋

  12. Cliff says:

    Tornado “who the hell is this crazy person chasing me through town”

    Hank “pretty damn close “

  13. Wilf Flinger says:

    I gotta say, I’ve been looking for a month for close ups of tornados but this is the best one I’ve seen.

  14. Addison Lessing says:

    You need to sell just that frame of the tornado with a rainbow, that might just be the most incredible shot of a weather event I’ve ever seen. Also kudos to you man. Huge balls chasing it down after it practically went directly over you tearing down power lines and ripping off that roof.

    • Suzan. says:

      Addison Lessing It was amazing actually! 🌪🌪🌪

    • christine paris says:

      I’ve been looking at every tornado footage I can find for years, and I agree with you, coolest shots ever!!
      During fiesta here in Texas, tornado chasers sell big prints of their tornados for a lot of money, none near as good as this!!

    • Vincent Pisani says:

      I’d buy the shit out of that

  15. Ethan Lewandowski says:

    Gods up in the sky like, “we just destroyed all those houses but I know a rainbow will make it all better.”

  16. LowLevelJet Photography says:

    His car must hate him.
    “Ive always wanted to be a kite.” -Communications dish.

  17. Chuck Halen says:

    Hank, you….by far, have to be one of the most tuned in, studied, smart, storm chasers out there! Your ability to be in the right place and the right time is absolutely incredible. Plus, throw in a ounce of luck, there you are! You sir, are gifted and a treasure! Your skill level in your trades, not only as a storm chaser, but photographer, is nothing short of incredible. Your ability to capture terrifying beauty leaves all of us in awe! Thank you….THANK YOU for sharing your world with us! Stay safe out there, bro! Love and peace to ya from NW La.

    • JetPackBlues says:

      Hank and Dan from Severe Weather Australia have got to be my favorite storm guys ever. Both are so damn level headed and calm.

  18. Nocturnal X says:

    March: “2020 can’t get any worse than this”

  19. Ryan says:

    2:36 – Looks like Hank wins at “Where’s Waldo”.

  20. Maximus Conserv says:

    Florida man: I’m going to be headbanging during a hurricane…

    Hank: hold my beer….Florida “man”

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