CNN anchor Poppy Harlow passes out

CNN anchor Poppy Harlow passes out

via CNN

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20 Responses

  1. Lindsay Xo says:

    I was scared for her!!! Glad she’s okie dokie! ?

  2. Jasper Mills says:


  3. Mendesfan 4ever says:

    Hope she’s fine?

  4. Michele Holmes says:

    Sub to me and leaving a comment saying you did, I will sub back instantly

  5. TheCurmudgeon says:

    The anchors over at FOX have proven they can function without a brain.

  6. Anthony Cucinotta says:

    Poppy’s sleep

  7. Sugar Cane says:

    A hoax to get more ratings.

  8. Raymond Scott says:

    LOL. Cons can put a bunch of nonsensical words together and call it a

  9. Travis Lobbestael says:

    “I got a little hot and passed out” wtf?

  10. carter grantham says:

    0:22 idiots where’s the other %

  11. Art Silva says:

    Panic attack?

  12. Jerissa Martinez says:

    The media is like the Cookie Monster om nom nom nom nom nom. But the
    general public eats what it craps out!

  13. HI GODBYE says:

    not gonna lie i didn’t even read the title i thought this was about what
    cnn had for news

  14. Jacob Solano says:

    it was Obama fault

  15. catt3911 says:

    Glad she’s ok.

  16. axe body spray says:

    Disliked, couldn’t see her faint

  17. Tomato Farts says:

    lol when poppy missed her ult

  18. danmoc13 says:

    binge dieting is the culprit.

  19. vileToxxie says:

    She just had an orgasm guys, chill.

  20. Hustler 4 Lyfe says:

    lol bitch got what was coming to her for working for such a shitty news