CNN Had It In Them the Whole Time | Full Frontal with Samantha Bee | TBS

CNN Had It In Them the Whole Time | Full Frontal with Samantha Bee | TBS

No-fucks Jake Tapper and his colleagues at CNN had a very, very good day. Yes, you read that right.

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20 Responses

  1. Nuancense says:

    Why the mansplaining jab at Bernie of all people?

  2. Samuel Jule Kovacs says:

    Still throwing shade at Bernie I see.

  3. MavenCree says:

    Ted Cruz IS NOT A SLYTHERIN. He’d barely survive Hufflepuff.

  4. nimrodery says:

    Still bashing Bernie, huh? I guess you don’t want to win the next one,
    either. Do you really think Elizabeth Warren is a better candidate? Because
    I think she’s absolutely gutless.

  5. modelmajorpita says:

    Too bad the head of CNN did the stupidest possible thing and made a comment
    that Trump should stop being mean to CNN or they would retaliate, so now
    Trump and his cronies can justify dismissing any negative stories they run.

    What he should have done was threaten to stop covering things Trump says if
    he’s going to keep lying and attacking the press. Trump isn’t afraid of
    negative press, and the threat just helps him. Trump is, however, terrified
    of being ignored so the idea that the press might stop covering his every
    tweet would scare him.

  6. Dr.Lenord Church says:

    Does she not like Bernie?

  7. R P says:

    Liked the video until you called Bernie a mansplainer. Dislike!

  8. passerby72 says:

    there’s something wrong with you when you think bernie is sexist

  9. AWildNintenerd says:

    You can jab Ted Cruz all you want, but don’t go throwing punches at that
    beautiful missed opportunity with the snowy white hair

  10. Michael Smith says:


  11. L F says:

    Sam, do not equivocate the Bern Man with Ted Shmooz the Zodiac Killer.

  12. nabeel hasan says:

    still disagree with her comments on Bernie , he is a good person and an
    honest politician

  13. Shie H. says:

    Ok Sam – I love you – I’m a feminist, but why do you dislike Bernie so
    much? I know you were a Hillary supporter, but Bernie is a big supporter of
    women’s rights (and all equality). Equating him with Ted Cruz is just

  14. bensuperdetka says:

    Sam, you wrong for that Bernie jab. Tsk, tsk, tsk.

  15. borot man says:

    Man, people are just so sensitive about Bernie. Seriously, guys. This is
    comedy, not news.

  16. Jeffer Ddk (Jeffd337) says:

    Bernie is not the person she should be insulting, he stands for everything
    her and the left want to achieve.

  17. Jay Jones says:

    Don’t understand the jabs at Bernie. He’s pretty much my ideal candidate as
    a liberal

  18. David Capewell says:

    How language evolves

    Mansplaining in 2012: The very real phenomenon whereby a man patronisingly
    attempts to explain something to a woman with expertise, assuming that she
    must have none.
    Mansplaining in 2017: The very real phenomenon whereby a man attempts to
    explain something.

  19. Mr Televoid says:

    I love Samantha Bee, but I wish she’d drop the Bernie hatred. Bernie didn’t
    cost Hillary the election, nor does his fandom come anywhere close to
    cornering the market on obnoxious. It seems like if Democrats can’t
    acknowledge what he brought to the last election, then they really are

  20. Lawrence McKeon says:

    Don’t diss Bernie for Hillary’s loss. Blame the corporate DNC that stifled
    real debate and widespread input. Justice Democrats, that is the way.
    That’s the future!

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