CNN staging the narrative before making report, they are truly Fake News!

CNN staging the narrative before making report, they are truly Fake News!

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  1. McSimonus says:

    Footage taken by
    From Twitter timeline:
    – CNN also timed this, BBC wanted to film it when they were on air, were having non of it
    – Note the white police officers leaving before the CNN shot & the Asian officers coming in. They then left after they went off air!

    Spread the video so people finally see they are being manipulated!

  2. Rafael says:

    CNN is ISIS

  3. McSimonus says:

    CNN reporter on video is Becky Anderson. Here is her twatter:

  4. Some Faggot says:

    The lugenpresse hard at work, folks. Don’t let this shit slide into obscurity

  5. Kaminoneh Bhoot says:


  6. flopski says:


  7. Chuck Person says:

    Looks like they are shooting a movie..

  8. Impervious says:

    Reminds me of Soviet news reels with “spontaneous” workers’ demonstrations.

  9. Dabig Ragu says:

    What we are witnessing is Tayquia. CNN is complicit.

  10. Vex says:

    L Ü G E N P R E S S E

  11. Chibi Sly says:

    kek this is 5mins from my house should of went out and fucked with them

  12. android says:


  13. Jill Piazza says:


  14. Anonymous Cringey Guy says:

    This is why people don’t trust the mainstream media. CNN lost what little credibility they still had. Bring facts to the people. The truth doesn’t have a narrative.

  15. Dylan Lenn says:

    Doesn’t even look like CNN. What are they staging? Those could be genuine protesters that they did a report on and told them to move into a certain position so they can get it all on film better. How do you call this evidence of “fake news”? It’s not even news it’s just filming some protesters. You are grasping at straws if you call this is evidence of fake news.

  16. Zachary Windsor says:

    Out of the three, I prefer french toast over pancakes and waffles. Does anyone else agree?

  17. James First says:

    Everything they do is fake and staged. Can’t wait for them to fall, they’re sure heading that way.

  18. Stop says:

    I’m honestly shocked to see a non liberal political video on tending

  19. Robert A says:

    Remember when CNN was caught giving the debate questions to Hilary before the debate?! They do stuff like this all of the time!

  20. Mark Dice says:

    We don’t call CNN the Counterfeit News Network for nothing!

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