Cold As Balls All-Star | Russell Westbrook | Laugh Out Loud Network

Cold As Balls All-Star | Russell Westbrook | Laugh Out Loud Network

Basketball SUPERstar, Russell Westbrook, takes over hosting duty on Cold As Balls! He discusses with his first time guest, Kevin Hart, about his competitive spirit, his feelings toward Kevin Durant, and who would win in a one-on-on with LeBron James. Powered by Old Spice –
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53 Responses

  1. kem zew says:

    Yo, when I saw bam bam with westbrook style shirt, i was lmao.

  2. Aw Hu says:

    Kevin is uncomfortable is that tub lmao look how he be sitting ?

  3. David Rew says:

    Pls bring curry or giannis agejsbgdeybstoyotokumbo

  4. dewster8523 says:

    Westbrook is hilarious ?

  5. Moe says:

    I’m not even OKC fan but Westbrook is one of the realist in the league.

  6. Bicc OG says:

    Yo Rus actually a cool dude makes me like him even more now

  7. Keyon Cossey says:

    The best one ☝️ by far Hands down No?

  8. ldegroat19 says:

    We’ve been waiting for this one ???

  9. Gallopingfish says:

    I think this was the best episode yet

  10. Kembelastik Ekere says:

    Westbrook has a future in acting or being a tv personality……

  11. David Danks says:

    Been an okc fan since I was a kid. Westbrook always been THAT guy

  12. JAYØ says:

    1:44 “Kevin Hart : Ex-Host of Cold as Balls” ???

  13. Kenbo53 J says:

    Russel Westbrook is funny… but for real he’s a dog and the only one with the attitude Kobe and mj had

  14. JAYØ says:


    Don’t mind me just saving the cheat code for future use….?

  15. RegnomZ says:

    Kev’s really ballin in the church league ?
    Stats : 10 Pts 46 Reb 86 Assists ?

  16. Laith Suleiman says:

    Part 2 with Westbrook please!!

  17. iceBerg Slim says:

    “You were too smart for the SAT?”

  18. G.A.M.A says:

    Kevin has better interviews than people who studied it. lol

  19. AGuyWithAJourney says:

    I want to see one with Shaq. *He prob can’t even fit in there lmao*

  20. Isaiah Randle says:

    When Kevin Was Impersonating Russell Westbrook Faces I Couldn’t Breath??

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