Coldplay – Birds (Official video)

Coldplay – Birds (Official video)

Directed by Marcus Haney. Taken from the acclaimed new album, A Head Full Of Dreams (out now).
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20 Responses

  1. José Luis Sánchez says:

    The final of the song is like the final of the Coldplay song 1.36

  2. Lucas Sousa says:

    Hymn For The Weekend and Fun ft Tove Lo need to be singles!

  3. Wiktoria Mudyna says:

    As good as always <3

  4. Петр Васильев says:

    Что за отстой?

  5. Music and Arts from Mars says:

    is the new U2 song?

  6. Schonmei Wu says:

    I was hoping for Amazing day or Fun but still a good song though.

  7. Dreamer Layx Ghimirey says:

    Perfect song for summer 2016 … Can’t wIt summer 2016.. It’s the summer of
    our life…. Stay strong all the coldplayers ❤️❤️

  8. Susana Talancon says:

    i want to see you All ready!!!

  9. Wasim Raja says:

    Simply Loving it

  10. Devika Nair says:

    Please make a video for Amazing Day.

  11. Ed Ed says:

    This song reminds me of my old Coldplay songs days.

  12. Oliver Lozano says:

    friends from santería comes from cuba religion santería are loving coldplay
    i her them playing there music in the background these people set positive
    vibe of music that is nourishing to our soul and bodies they will continue
    to be blessed through music to continue as a band to reach all over the
    world people’s hearts and drink a shot of rum to Coldplay and ask God to
    bless them for there nourishing good music

  13. ShannWaproved says:


  14. Jade Nanarjain says:

    ”we are all born to live, but few of us ever do.”

    this shouldn’t be heartbreaking for me :'(

  15. Char Balderas says:

    Make one of FUN!!!! With Tove Lo Pls ;)

  16. Ehab Hussien says:

    clip is looks like too old xD
    But i Love it <3

  17. Hank Marcano says:

    What a crap

  18. Vinicio Ascone says:

    Im the only one here that hates the ending!? ? im super hype singing and
    suddenly stops… I fall for it every single time ?

  19. Ted Gallegos says:

    a lot like the viva era videos. I love it!

  20. ONEOFTHESON says: