College speaker calls out Hillary Clinton at her own rally

College speaker calls out Hillary Clinton at her own rally

Iowa State University
Outspoken student takes the mic at Bernie campaign stump stop for Hillary Clinton.

5 Nov. 2016


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20 Responses

  1. camus444 says:

    Serves the HRC campaign right for trying to use this young kid to
    manipulate voters into thinking young people/former Bernie supporters have
    transitioned to support her.

  2. Kate M says:

    LOL…I love it …what a boss…TrOLL HRC at her own rally….Berners are
    badass…and her crowd cheered him…LOL

  3. pulsery2k1 says:

    you call that a rally???? trump now thats a rally
    this like Hillary a lie

  4. Shinku Toner says:

    Also the answer to student loans is DON’T GET A STUDENT LOAN. It’s a loan
    not an entitlement.

  5. J. Scott Burgeson says:

    The natives are restless!

  6. John Galt says:

    Why the hell didnt you protest that disgusting mutt’s forcefull arm rest? I
    would have slugged that idiot right in its fat disgusting mug.

  7. Club Fred says:

    Is there a transcript or subtitles somewhere? I could not make it out

  8. MyDyerMaker says:

    That’s what America is about- not falling in line and being a good subject
    to an utterly corrupt Hillary RICO Clinton.

  9. Adrian Trujillo says:

    His freedom of speech was taken away when the guy rushed him out. Shocked
    that people were clapping at someone saying negative things to Hillary at
    her own rally. Also shocked to see so little people. Trump rallies have
    over ten thousand people!

  10. David Kotz says:

    This sums up Hillary’s failed campaign

  11. Melanie Oringer says:

    Priceless! Kudos to Kaleb VanFossen for having a spine!

  12. Carl “sparky” Mac says:

    Let him finish, you liberal fucking scumbag if a Killary supporter was
    there bashing Trump you’d let him finish.

  13. ilegadh says:

    Are y’all ready for the season finale of America?

  14. Tony No Boloni says:

    what happened to freedom of speech.

  15. R Athey says:

    God bless this kid, he has a backbone unlike alot of the masses, a criminal
    like Killary shouldn’t be allowed to run for office, period.

  16. Edwin Hernandez says:

    You call 50 people a rally. LoL!

  17. Raghavan A says:

    Some have come to take a nap after lunch and others are media people. The
    situation is ,even if they pay 30 bucks, they won’t listen Hillary more
    than 15 minutes.

  18. Andrew Jackson says:

    Gary Johnson 2016

  19. Michael Fontenot says:

    Trump is the new Reagan! He will win in a landslide.

  20. Donald J. Trump says:

    The club is goin’ up on Tuesday, believe me.