Comey Hearing Adds to Chaos of Trump Presidency: A Closer Look

Comey Hearing Adds to Chaos of Trump Presidency: A Closer Look

Seth takes a closer look at the FBI’s investigation into Russia’s interference in the presidential election, and President Trump’s wiretapping claims.
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Comey Hearing Adds to Chaos of Trump Presidency: A Closer Look- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers

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20 Responses

  1. JosayyLmao says:

    So do Conservatives love or hate Comey now?

  2. Get Rekt says:

    I seriously don’t understand how anyone who isn’t rich thought Trump would help them. I mean, he has a history of screwing over the same people who now support him. We know that many of Trump’s own supporters will be hurt by his budget cuts, his healthcare plan, and his tax plan, confirming the suspicions of anyone with a functioning brain.

    How long will it be until they admit that they’ve been conned? Oh that’s right, I forgot. Doing something that helps the people means you’re a cuck. Strong leaders increase military spending and kill innocent civilians!

  3. Midnight Blue says:

    serves you right Florida, you voted for this man, now pay the Bill

  4. Rayaan Hasan says:

    Fake president

  5. New Message says:

    “Vat did I tell you about Nazis Donnie?”
    “…Don’t hire Nazis.”
    “Don’t hire Nazis, ya. And vat did you do?”
    “….Hired Nazis.”
    “You hired Nazis, ya. Dipscheisse.”

  6. TheRealBeatMaster says:

    Huh, Trump is actually going down.

  7. Zex Maxwell says:

    this is going to be a long fucked up 4 years…

  8. L0rd_Equinox says:

    While I may lean towards conservative beliefs, I can certainly say that the GOP is failing. Trump is a disgrace to the Republican Party, and he is a disgrace to America. Democrats, Republicans, libertarians, and all other parties…I ask you all to unite to take this man down.

  9. Unknown User says:

    trumps administration is full of traitorous fucks

  10. Fredrick Douglas says:

    all trump supporters are hiding now in shame.

  11. Green Eyes says:

    Trump supporters can you answer to me this one question.

    How much does trump owe Russian Banks and oligarchs?

  12. Charles Fontenay says:

    The US is such a mess! Chaos, confusion, division eveywhere. Russia couldn’t be happier.

  13. just me says:

    Trump and his cronies ARE the SWAMP Here’s how to fix it…

    CALL ANIMAL CONTROL. The swamp is full of alligators, sleezy snakes, and an orangutan in a man suit.
    Fun fact in Malay orang means “person” and utan is derived from hutan which means “forest”.

  14. FrostE says:

    I can’t wait for a couple months from now when I’ll see “Impeachment Proceedings Begin: A Closer Look” in my recommendeds.

  15. fruitymentos says:

    Is America embarrassed yet?

  16. nil bogg says:

    Donald’s refusal to shake her hand was a “tip of the hat” to the U.S. Nazi party, the various white supremacist groups and such that hate merkel. They’re Donald’s CORE supporters and he was giving them an under the table high-five”.

  17. Mario Sabillon says:

    Are you fucking serious? That idiot couldn’t even shake that lady’s hand? What load of crap he is, way to go America you voted for a dumbass who doesn’t even show respect to our allies

  18. Yonkage says:

    It’s utterly amazing how so many people got duped by a rich man who does nothing but give handouts to the rich, when he claimed he would help the working poor and farmers. It’s a giant joke. It’s a man who ran his entire campaign on a platform of hating mice, whose every public appearance was in a mouse suit surrounded by mice.

    How stupid do you have to be??

  19. Liam Quiroga says:

    This is the worst president in history

  20. William Bradford says:

    OK Trumpers… how’re you gonna spin this one?

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