Comey Testifies and GOP Tries Again on Health Care: A Closer Look

Comey Testifies and GOP Tries Again on Health Care: A Closer Look

Seth takes a closer look at FBI Director James Comey’s defense of his last-minute election revelations and the latest on the Republicans’ disastrous health care bill.
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Comey Testifies and GOP Tries Again on Health Care: A Closer Look- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers

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20 Responses

  1. Bob Likeschickfila says:

    Bet trump only got elected for the laughs ??

  2. Scrubman lowell says:

    Last time I was this early, we had a President who knew what he was doing… And spoke in complete sentences.

  3. waggy3047 says:

    why does the GOP hate poor people so much?

  4. Get Rekt says:

    This bill will probably fail, like the last one. Failure seems to be the most common theme of the Trump presidency. Then Trump will blame the democrats. Or if that doesn’t work he’ll blame the media for being too unfair to him. And then we’ll see the predictable “arguments” of Trump supporters:
    “You just can’t get over the election!”

    And if you point out how these aren’t rational arguments that makes you an SJW.

  5. God Likes Porn with Ben the Demon says:

    Asked about the fate of Trumpcare, Gandalf replied, “YOU SHALL NOT PASS.”

  6. Dan Aalfs says:

    let’s be honest Comey is a big part of the reason Hillary lost and the Republicans just want to make it seem like they are being useful it’s pitiful
    and why did they never bring up Trump’s Russian investigation wtf

  7. NRobbi42 says:

    Press X to Sean

  8. Zex Maxwell says:

    can trump supporters stop lying to themselves and admit that trump was a mistake?

  9. Erik Rensberger says:

    “We knew the Democrats would care about the health of coal miners, so we used that against them! Bwahaha…”

  10. Ocyla says:

    Didn’t he say everyone would be covered, with better medical care, for way way cheaper? OKAY THEN.

  11. Lenner Witron says:

    Trump is starting to look more haggard than usual.

  12. Archer Sterling says:

    When it comes to Hillary the choices were: Conceal or Speak Out.

    When it came to Trumps Russia Investigation the only choice was to Delay

    Thanks, Comey. .

  13. Person McPerson says:

    People like me who have been healthy our whole lives and then find ourselves being diagnosed with asthma last year most certainly because of pollution and the increase in global warming, were atlas thankful to have ACA and the treatments I needed. Now I will see our premiums go up by thousands in the newest bill they are trying to pass. AND this administration doesn’t even believe in global warming and is actively condoning nation-wide pollution via the building of pipelines and other EO’s decriminalizing coal companies from dumping in bodies of water. As an American who pays attention, who cares and wants a better future for all I am appalled at this administration! Now I see how Trump supporters get by, they simply are doing what Joe Walsh says, not listening to what the President says at all. They do their best not to pay attention to what he says, what reason says, or what their best interest says…SMH.

  14. Richard Strosahl says:

    I need to make it clear that it is possible that Anthony Weiner taking pictures of his dick started a chain of events that may lead to a nuclear war with North Korea. I believe there is no greater real world example of the butterfly effect.

  15. Bombom1300 says:

    As a childhood cancer survivor, how exactly am I living a bad life and doing the wrong things? No really, I’m curious. I’m sorry I have medical problems that aren’t cheap to solve. But maybe, just maybe, it isn’t a result of poor decisions on my part.

    I mean holy cow if that isn’t victim shaming, I don’t know what is.

  16. Best AI 01 says:

    So much for America first.

  17. david yang says:

    Let’s be real. Hillary losing the election was a good thing. Now the republicans have no excuse why they are so incompetent. Can’t say its because of Obama anymore. How do you control all 3 branches of government and still get nothing done?

  18. Tech for Kings says:

    Trump and the GOP are literally working as hard as possible to continue making my country look like the biggest joke in the world. No wonder other countries swears we are some of the dumbest idiots there are.

  19. MercSet1 says:

    you heard it pregnancy is considered a per existing condition under trumpcare

  20. DoxRap says:

    President Andrew Jackson saw what was happening with health care in America. He said, “there’s no reason for this “. Had Andrew Jackson been a little later you wouldn’t have had these problems with health care.

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